The Issue With WoW Classic Mega Servers & Insane Login Queues

When it comes to Blizzard, there is that one thing that they have become quite known for: the horrible state of their servers once an expansion launches. While it has been a while since things were incredibly bad on the game’s retail version, unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the classic servers.

Insane login queues

While the Northrend Upgrade Pack might let people catch up by instantly getting level 70, those who want to farm up some gold and level their profession or grind up some gear in battlegrounds will have a different kind of struggle – the server queues. Players who are playing on “mega servers” are experiencing some of the biggest queues ever seen in World of Warcraft by having to wait up to six hours.


Image Credits | Staysafe TV

In one sense, this is fantastic because the game seems to be more alive than ever. However, many would say that the high popularity is not worth it if they are forced to use remote desktop apps in order to keep themselves logged in or to log into the queue while they are still hours away from finishing their shift at work.

Of course, to battle this issue, Blizzard has been giving out free-transfer options to different servers that have no queue times, but let’s be honest, no one wants to play an MMO on a server that has barely any players, as the queue times would be traded off for having to take longer to form a party for a dungeon or raid, especially with the removal of RDF.

Scourge zombifies more than the players!

On the other hand, players were quite excited to slay some undead before the WotLK launch in the pre-patch event, which made the game’s state quite bad. On top of the giant queues, even on servers that do not have them, the game has been quite unplayable in the past few days since the event began.

Those who manage to play the game while not experiencing huge latency issues, from having to wait 30-45 seconds to open a single letter in the mailbox to constantly getting turned into a zombie by griefing players. The legendary quote “you think you do, but you don’t” might not have been true for the WoW Classic servers, but oh boy, was it right for the Scourge Invasion. Many will agree that its experience is quite horrible, especially if you like to AFK in the bigger cities by the auction house.

Luckily, because the event started sooner than intended and the conditions have been met faster, we can hope that it ends more shortly and that the servers are more stable. Of course, even if the lag goes away, Blizzard will still have to deal with the server queues in one way or another, which will probably be via forced server transfers.