The Return Of The WoW Variety Show

Back in August, Blizzard introduced a new kind of content related to World of Warcraft called the WoW Variety show. During this show, there were invited participants, usually well-known people in the WoW community, and some lucky contestants from the North American server, who competed in all kinds of events during the 4-hour event. On December 10th, we are finally going to get Episode 2!

A Quick Recap

During the first episode, there were a few different competitions. The first was the leveling challenge, where players had one hour to level as fast as possible. The winner was HazelNutty, who managed to come out on top despite having all kinds of negative effects during the challenge due to her consistent lead.

The second challenge was the Scavenger Hunt, where players were given riddles to solve, items to collect and find iconic landmarks and monsters in Northrend. Team Almost Boomers crushed the challenge, getting 25 out of 25 points.


Image Credit | Blizzard

Last but not least was the Footrace Through Azeroth, a challenge many were eager to participate in. Out of the celebrity runners, Sloot was the one who managed to get to Thunder Bluff first, quite ahead of the other participants.

Winners of each event could give out some goodies to their communities, such as game-time, battle pets, and even Blizzcon Murloc costumes!

The Return!

In Episode 2, the concept is going to be more or less similar, but instead of North America only, there will also be participants from EU servers as well. It is possible to register yourself, and you can do that here

There are over 300 spots, and sign-ups are open from November 10th until November 25th. On November 28th, there will be an eligibility review, and if you are accepted to the event, you will receive an Invite on December 2nd.

This time, the event is going to take place over two days. Day 1 will feature WoW Celebrity contestants who will participate in three different events:

  • Leveling Race – just like during the first event, players will have one hour to level their character as much as possible.
  • Dragonriding Relay – with Dragonriding coming into the game with Dragonflight, it would only be appropriate to include the featured mechanic into this event, which is why four teams, with one WoW Celebrity and three WoW Contestants, will be doing a relay race across Azeroth.
  • Dragon Isles Expedition – Here, 200 participants from NA and EU will attempt to find the fastest way to level through the Dragon Isles.

More activities to come as a surprise!

On Day 2, we are going to have some PvE and PvP competitions in the form of Mythic+ and 2v2 Arena, which is going to be followed by the brand-new Solo Shuffle matches.

Suppose you are really looking to see what Dragonflight has to offer, you definitely want to tune in for this event and see what the expansion is all about and if it is something that might get you back to World of Warcraft retail if you have taken a break or if you are playing on Classic servers.