The Strongest Classes in WoW Dragonflight Pre-Patch

It is finally that time when we get the good ol’ talent tree back with the Dragonflight pre-patch. Since this is one of the biggest changes that the game has seen in a while, the state of class balance is all over the place, and someone who was king before the patch is now at the bottom of the tier list.

What are the strongest DPS classes?

When it comes to class strength, some people may care about how the healers and tanks are standing, but we all know that the DPS is what the majority is interested in, as they are the ones who groups depend on the most when it comes to clearing Mythic+ and raids.

The biggest shift in the new Dragonflight expansion will probably be the shift in specializations of Warlocks, as Demonology Warlocks are now one of the worst DPS specs. Instead, Affliction Warlocks are now the best DPS spec in the game, while they have been one of the worst before the pre-patch.

WoW Patch 9.2

The second strongest DPS, which is as strong as the Affliction Warlock, is the Windwalker Monk, which is not that big of an increase in ranking, but the difference between them and the third to the fifth spot, which is taken by the Fire Mage, Retribution Paladin, and Frost Death Knight is quite significant.

While these are the top five specializations for the 95th percentile, the difference for all percentiles is not that different. Of course, the top five might change in the near future because if you have been following the pre-expansion dates, the new class is coming on November 15th, and knowing Blizzard, new classes tend to be overpowered, so they might knock even the Affliction Warlocks and Windwalker Monks out of the water in terms of DPS.

Should you roll classes based on current strength?

Considering that this is the pre-patch and that the new expansion is going to grant everyone not only extra points to spend in the talent try, which will unlock new abilities and empower other ones, but also new gear that will help scaling specializations become a bit stronger, it is too early to decide what is the strongest Dragonflight class.

Of course, if you are returning to WoW after a break, picking up anything that is strong at the moment will definitely give you the easiest time leveling in the new expansion, and you will certainly have an easier time preparing for the WoW Mythic raiding once they are unlocked in Dragonflight. The safest classes to commit to at the moment are definitely Warlock, Paladin, Death Knight, and Monk, as they are not only strong right now, but some are also very flexible for other roles.

The ones you should consider staying away from, at least if you want to do damage, are Priest, Rogue, and Druid, as their performance is either average or extremely poor, at least in terms of PvE content. As for PvP, it is too early to tell, and you can probably play anything if you find the right composition in Dragonflight.