WoW Dragonflight Pre-Expansion Dates Revealed

Shadowlands has been around for quite some time, but we can all rejoice that the end to this…not so fantastic expansion…is finally coming to an end! That’s right, the first phase of the pre-patch is coming on October 25th, and the second phase is coming on November 15th. These updates bring along some of the goodies waiting for us in Dragonflight.

What is coming on October 25th?

While many people are excited about Mythic+ changes, these will come with the release of the expansion, which is a bit later. However, in the pre-patch, you will be able to tinker around with the Dragonflight UI revamp, which will probably make many addons unnecessary. So, if you were too lazy to download most UI-changing addons, you will finally get that within the game.

Besides the Dragonflight UI revamp, you will be able to access the revamped talent system, which is very familiar to those you can find in the World of Warcraft Classic versions of the game, but with some modernization. There are also some additions for accessibility features, such as “press and hold” spellcasting, interact keys, gamepad support, and more.


Image Credits | Wowhead

The all-loved PvP brawl Solo Shuffle is getting an officially rated mode where players can queue up alone and battle against other players. This is the first solo-rated PvP mode in the game, and seeing that the player base has begged for such a mode since Wrath of the Lich King, it is very easy to say that we are glad that it is here. Like other PvP modes, it is going to credit to Vicious Mounts, progression to the weekly mount, and it will also award Conquest. Solo PvP players, rejoice!

Last but not least, in the first phase of the pre-patch, rogues, priests, and mages will be playable across all races, which is a nice addition to the game.

What is available on November 15th?

In the second phase of the pre-patch, we are getting some even better additions to the game before the expansion officially releases. The biggest thing in phase two has to be the new race/class combo, the Dracthyr Evoker. Players will be able to test out the class even more and prepare for their WoW Mythic raiding days with the new race and class once Dragonflight is finally released.

Players will also be able to access a brand new zone called The Forbidden Reach, which is the new starting zone for the Dracthyr Evoker. Of course, while the new zone might not be exciting for those who will keep playing their current character, what might be exciting instead is the new dungeon: Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr, which is located in the Badlands.

The pre-patch would not be a pre-patch without some kind of event that is setting up the upcoming expansion, and this time, we are getting Primal Storms, an event where we ward off the lands from Primalists via new quests and world events.

All of this seems quite a lot to take in, but after a huge content drought in Shadowlands, we believe a lot of players are excited about the upcoming expansion!