Thunder Predator rosters derby at BTS Pro Series Season 9 Americas

All eyes are on two South American teams at the BTS Pro Series Season 9 Americas. It comes as no surprise after the meteoric rise of SA talents this season. Coming up into Playoffs are two rosters that recently represented the same organization. They are now fighting to one up each other.

It’s the story of Thunder Predator, or more specifically the former roster of the organization, and NoPing e-sports who became their replacement. Both teams will now battle it out for supremacy in the upper bracket, and we are all here for the show. Both teams are often regarded as wild cards because we just never know whether they would deliver great results or just an expected blunder.

Thunder Predator 2022


Thunder Predator’s buyout and a new rivalry

During the post-Ti10 roster shuffles, Thunder Predator decided to drop their two-year-old roster for the “flashier” NoPing e-sports. While it sucks to be in former TP players’ shoes, it was a reasonable decision to pick up NoPing. However, the way the old squad was released almost instantly created animosity towards the new.

Fortunately, it wasn’t long before Lava, a Peruvian org, signed the squad for the new season. The former TP players took no time in signing up for their next tournament, as Lava took no time-off and debuted at the BTS Pro Series Season 9 Americas immediately. To many fans’ surprise, Lava played exceptionally and secured top seeds alongside the present Thunder Predator squad.

Their TI10 loss might be their calling to improve themselves further, however without the unnecessary shuffles. Its good that both rosters decided to remain together for the next season, which is always good news for players hoping to go far and keep building. Now, we have a new South American rivalry that everyone is eagerly anticipating this week.

Match Preview: Thunder Predator vs Lava

Kickstarting the BTS Pro Series Season 9 Americas playoffs, TP and Lava will play their best-of-three upper bracket match on November 12, 10AM (UTC+8).

We saw firsthand what Lava was able to do in the groups when they swept TP 2-0. On paper, Lava drafted a better line-up over, while TP picked several Ti10 cheese picks, namely Ursa, Gyro and Io combo. While the team composition is sustainable, it pales in comparison to Lava’s explosive teamfight capability over their turtling strategy. Lava picked strong initiators to pick off individual heroes effectively, which was all it took to shut down TP’s bread and butter playstyle to fight as a 5-man team.

Coming into the Playoffs series, and taking into account Lava’s versatile hero pool, we can expect Lava to win versus TP. The Dota 2 odds on both sides are evenly matched at x1.86 on either side. You can play this series outright and still have a solid payout. Alternatively, betting for Lava to repeat their group stage result would earn you x3.41 in return if you go to GG.BET.

Additional Pick: Infamous vs 4 Zoomers

4 Zoomers has had its fair share of ups and downs this season. They were consistently top four in North American scene, often considered equals to the likes of Undying and Quincy Crew.

Only Nico “Gunnar” Lopez and Jacob “Husky” Fifik still play under 4 Zoomers from the old roster, yet the new additions did not stop them from a formidale showcase at the BTS Pro Series Season 9 Americas. They are now set to play against Infamous in the upper brackets.

Both teams had fought each other earlier in the groups, which concluded with an indecisive draw. Hence, there’s no distinct power gap between the two rivals. However, Gunnar, being the favored NA pub star can be a contributing factor to side with 4 Zoomers here. Odds-wise, both teams are also on par similar to the previous match at x1.86 returns.

I would predict a 3-game series, and playing over 2.5 Total maps will earn you x1.93 in return.

As teams battle it out at the BTS Pro Series Season 9 Americas, it’s a good start for the SA scene hoping to make a prominent comeback when the Dota Pro Circuit 2021-22 begins this winter. Local rivalries are good for the region and the Americas scene as a whole.