Top 3 Blockchain Gaming Platforms

Platforms such as Steam have dominated the gaming space. They act as a hub for gamers to see their game list, in-game progression and ultimately act as a HUB for all things gaming online.

As we have seen a rise in crypto gaming popularity over the past 2 years, a number of companies are lending their efforts to creating platforms that follow similar motives to Steam. Offering players the chance to easily access their favourite crypto games and even the NFTs that are released for these said games.

Are you wondering how you can easily access a multitude of blockchain titles without the unnecessary headache of setting them up and purchasing NFTs for ungodly sums of money (in some instances)? Then look no further as we have the guide for you.


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This guide will go over the best platforms you should be using to enter the metaverse and get the best experience possible from the web3 technologies that are taking the web2 side of gaming by storm!

*Please note this list is in no particular order, the platforms listed all are great in their own way with different fundamentals backing each one, enjoy!

Honourable mention

Before we get into the official list there is an honourable mention that you need to be made aware of IKONIC. They are a gaming platform that are making moves within the NFT and esports spaces. NFT collections and collectibles are released via the marketplace, showcasing the best esports moments.

Creating the NFT moments allows full ownership over unique assets that will be held dear to the holder giving full autonomy and ownership.

This platform is perfect for content creators and gamers alike as you are able to monetise NFT creation through earning IKONIC tokens.

The project is in its early days and the official marketplace is not yet available. However, their site is indicating that Microsoft has gotten on board with their vision. Furthermore, their site features a timeline showcasing previous updates and what updates are just around the corner. Upcoming updates feature the marketplace and also staking services for more lucrative returns from engaging with their ecosystem.

Be sure to check out their site to find out more!


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The first platform on our list is Founded in 2017 by Nicolas Gilot and David Hanson, Ultra is a gaming platform that blends the traditional aspects of gaming and competitive gaming with the newly established blockchain technologies running rampant in the gaming industry.

Players are able to play games through and even lend their hand in the development of current and future titles. Sites such as Steam and Epic Games store are industry leaders in the distribution of PC games, Ultra are looking to change this as the stream of revenue from many PC games is largely distributed to the above brands causing a somewhat unfair monopoly.

Rather than offering 30% distribution fee that the likes of Steam charge, offers a 12-15% distribution fee instead making a level playing field for developers alike. Marketing tools are also given to development teams, making it easier for new gaming projects to get their foot in the industry door.

Players are able to buy NFTs via the designated marketplace for their favourite games and are also able to use the platform socially, interacting with their friends and other gamers. Players are also able to tune into gaming tournaments and also gaming livestreams making this platform THE HUB for blockchain gaming.

Check out today!


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DFSocial Gaming

“DFSocial leverages smart contracts to guarantee the proper operations of our systems and the fair distribution of the ecosystem rewards.”

This direct quote from the DFSocial site is a great introduction to the DFSocial Gaming platform. Launched back in December of 2020, DFSocial came just before the initial gaming boom amongst the web3 community.

Interestingly this platform caters to more traditional web2 games that are actually highly popular series you will have played yourself. The 11 games listed currently feature Clash of Clans, FIFA, Call of Duty, Minecraft and Valorant to name a few.

Players are able to earn crypto through the integration of this platform with their games. Entering competitions via DFSocial is another great way to earn, with over 100 tournaments being held historically via this platform. A grand total of $200, 000 in prize funds have been awarded with this number poised to grow in the future.

NFTs are also available along with other DeFi services such as crypto token staking and farming. Currently the DFSocial token, $DFSG is available and priced at $0.006545 on the big cryptocurrency exchanges on the market.

If you are wanting to reap the rewards of Play to Earn on your favourite normal, everyday titles then be sure to get on board with DFSocial!


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Our third and final feature on our top Blockchain gaming platforms is LootRush. They recently received a huge $12 million funding sum from Paradigm and Andreesen Horowitz, prominent venture capitalists who are running rampant amongst web3 projects alike.

Whilst they currently only have Axie Infinity listed on their platform, there are a whole host of other reputable games that are due to drop. Including Splinterlands, Blankos Block Party, Illuvium and Star Atlas to name a few.

Through integrating your games onto LootRush you are able to earn tokens whilst completing challenges with NFTs picked out to match your playstyle. Overall the platform has large potential and will be interesting to try out once the full experience is released by Smelt Technologies, the team behind it.

These gaming platforms look and feel amazing thus far! Earning crypto through gaming has never been easier and more lucrative than this current point in time! The companies behind these projects are providing a fresh new approach to gaming, something the industry has been lacking as evidenced through the huge support networks that have been created over the past few months.

Be sure to always do your own research on crypto gaming as markets can be highly volatile and there is sadly no refund policy on the blockchain.

Happy gaming!