Top 3 lucrative crypto gaming titles for 2022

2022 has been the year for crypto gaming with a large quantity of new titles being released and older ones finding their feet in the market.

We go over the top 3 most lucrative titles currently on the blockchain. All of these titles are free to play, however we advise putting aside some capital if you want to experience the titles for what they’re truly worth!

Let’s begin!

The Sandbox Defi Game

© The Sandbox


The Sandbox has proven to be a hit amongst the crypto gaming community and it’s still technically only in its Alpha phase of production!

Open world virtual reality titles have proven a hit and could pave the way in the whole of the gaming space in the near future.

The Sandbox offers a multitude of methods for gamers to earn money.

The Voxi Editor allows gamers to make their own custom NFTs for the game, which can be sold on the secondary Sandbox Marketplace. Some have sold thousands at this early point.

Furthermore if you are less creative and require a more passive method of income, there are also the staking options for the SAND token. With an offer of 8% APY offered on all holdings, you are treated to lucrative interest rates, much higher than traditional ones offered by banks.

However, be weary as prices can fluctuate!

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity has proven to be a game changer in terms of bringing the crypto gaming scene to light where we saw record highs in 2021 in terms of token value, where AXS reached the triple figure mark.

Since then the token has subsided, however the game itself has only been propelled into popularity!

Axie is a great title for those looking for competitive high stakes gameplay, following more recognisable play styles in the form of turn based combat.


© Axie Infinity

Many Axie NFT characters can be found selling on the secondary market for large amounts with the most expensive one being sold for $130k.

Axie developers now also offer staking via their official site, where interest rates are in the double figures as we speak. There’s even more as stakers are also able to cash out whenever they please when staking via the official staking dashboard.

Blankos Block Party

Finally we have Blankos Block Party, a game that has definitely fallen under the radar! Which is a shame due to the different collaborations the game has managed despite being so young.

Blankos is a similar title to the popular Fall Guys where players play a host of mini games earning in-game items and NFT collectibles, sellable on the marketplace.

Blankos release characters players can buy, the rarer the character the higher the yielded return with the most expensive sold for $240 earlier this year.

With the battle pass option that comes with the game there seems to be an endless amount of NFT collectibles available for players to own and sell.

We hope this title gets more updates going into the future, as we feel this title has a lot of potential once further development is done to the title!

Go give these games a try if you are liking the sounds of them! Whilst crypto gaming is meant to be here for fun, more times tjan not people lose out on capital due to lack of education. We advise you to do your own research past this article before giving up any of your own money.

Happy gaming!