Top 5 Brands Entering the Metaverse through The Sandbox Crypto Game

The Sandbox has really gained notoriety amongst crypto and gaming fans for bridging the gap between traditional companies and the possibilities web3 technology has to offer.

Animoca Brands are the brains behind this flourishing blockchain project, creating a simple yet effective gaming experience for crypto users both new and old.

At the time of writing, Animoca has managed to secure a total of 169 collaborative experiences with some of the world’s biggest brands.

In this guide we will cover some of the best collaborations that have been brought forward in The Sandbox’s metaverse world and what got featured within them. The Sandbox is a free to play, play to earn game that is a great entry point into the world of crypto gaming with the quirky gameplay that feels familiar from the get-go.

By joining The Sandbox metaverse these brands have gone ahead and purchased their own unique LAND, the in-game real estate available via the Sandbox marketplace and Prices for this are considerably making it more acceptable for these sorts of names to have the honour of joining through their funding and budgets.

The Sandbox

Gordon Ramsay

Kitchen Nightmares, more like Metaverse Nightmares! No one was ever expecting this collaboration between Gordan Ramsay and The Sandbox, however we got it that’s for sure.

The Sandbox specifically teamed up with British Television broadcaster ITV studios to make this happen. ITV brought the first virtual restaurant experience to The Sandbox, and what better way to do so by including Gordan Ramsay’s IP.

To commemorate the occasion, Gordon Ramsay had his own playable avatar released for gamers to enjoy, which even featured Ramsay’s input into the experience and its final product. This specific experience can be found in ITVs LAND, within The Sandbox crypto game.

Slipknot (Heavy Metal band)

Slipknot have dominated the heavy music scene for well over 20 years with their fanbase reaching millions on all corners of the globe. They are renowned for their extreme, no holds barred sound and ravishing live performances.

Their introduction into the metaverse is a great example of niche music bridging the gap for their fanbase and the web3 experiences available, that many have been able to experience thanks to them teaming up with The Sandbox crypto game.

Their Sandbox experience is known as the “KNOTVERSE”. Through engaging with this players are given access to unique NFTs, metaverse concerts, fan and festival experiences, merchandise, new music and real-life events. This really is a hub for heavy metal lovers and Slipknot fans alike.

“We’re proud to welcome Slipknot and Knotfest as the first heavy music band to open a home for their community in The Sandbox open metaverse.” – The Sandbox COO Sébastien Borget


Sports and the metaverse have proven a hit with the popularisation of virtual sports and virtual sports betting and the customisation of metaverse avatars. When Adidas came onto the blockchain scene, many players were not batting an eyelid, almost as if it was meant to happen!

Adidas’ first NFT collection was made available for The Sandbox users and granted them access to unique Adidas content and experiences through possessing them.

They also teamed up with the NFT powerhouse Bored Ape Yatcht Club to bring this release. Avatars are customisable with Adidas apparel. This experience is a must try for all fans of Adidas outside of the metaverse!

South China Market Post

This experience is an amazing homage to the cultural beauty that Hong Kong has to offer as players are treated to an immersive experience showcasing the beauty of the region.

NFTs were made available with direct links to the Newspapers vast collection of photography and illustrations showcasing the region’s beauty.

Many may not have expected this joint effort however doing so means people around the world are able to experience Hong Kong’s beauty via the metaverse. Something many are unable to do in the real world. Treat this as a digital holiday!


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Snoop Dogg

Our final top pick out of the extensive list of experiences available via The Sandbox game comes from the one and only Snoop Doggy Dogg. One of the original hip hop hitmakers has spent many decades blessing our ears with his smooth lyrics and laid back persona.

Having gained much popularity via his Twitch streams, Snoop Dogg teamed up with The Sandbox team when the second season was made available. Owning an NFT collectible would grant you access to Snoop Dogg’s metaverse experience, owning different Snoop themed avatars and even getting a chance to meet him whilst he performed his very own virtual concert.

His NFTs were selling for thousands of dollars on the secondary market on making this a fan favourite for sure.

Some honourable mentions

There are many, many more experiences found on The Sandbox that are absolutely worth your time. In case you missed them or are only just getting an understanding of The Sandbox game here are some more collaborations you need to have a look into:

  • Care Bears
  • The Smurfs
  • Shaun the Sheep
  • Atari
  • Ledger
  • Deadmau5
  • The Walking Dead
  • Playboy

The list really does go on and on! One thing is for sure, if you are looking to enjoy the metaverse through a blockchain game such as The Sandbox you are going to be spoilt for choice in the different games and experiences for you to indulge in.

As always be sure to do some more research past this article if you are still learning the ropes with the world of web3 and crypto gaming. Markets fluctuate and there are no refund buttons once you make a purchase, so be diligent.

Happy gaming!