Top 5 Hard Supports for Dota 2 Patch 7.30e

With the dust of patch 7.30e finally settling down, a new meta is slowly on the rise for Dota 2. Although Dota 2’s high tempo meta will almost certainly stay until patch 7.31, the nerfs to some TI 10 staples will surely change the hero landscape until the full patch arrives. During the course of The International 10, both Wisp and Elder Titan emerged as the strongest hard supports. Elder Titan’s unparalleled lane dominance made the hero the single most picked for the duration of the event, while OG made sure that Io can still be flashy as ever.

The new patch itself brings forth a small number of changes that will impact hard supports, most notably reducing the XP gained from the safe lane small camps by 10%. Most of the hard supports have escaped unscathed through the update, with Io, Lion, Snapfire, Elder Titan and Bane receiving only minor nerfs to their toolkit.

Dota 2 7.30

Image Credits | Valve

In this article, we’ll showcase some of the strongest hard supports at every rank, whether you’re playing in the depths of Herald hell, or the absolute crème de la crème of the Dota 2 world.

1. Ogre Magi

With an even pick percentage at all ranks and a 56% win rate, Ogre Magi is a nearly unparalleled lane dominator in the current Dota 2 meta. Although simple and straightforward, Ogre is a pick that can round out nearly any composition.

His natural tankiness and kit make it far too easy to trade with and bully enemies during the laning phase. Just be sure not to spam Ignite for the heck of it, but use it in conjunction with your melee attacks. If you decide on maxing out Ignite first be sure not to miss out on the level 10 talent, as the damage spike it provides is insanely good.

2. Elder Titan

Elder Titan had its breakthrough during TI 10, dominating the meta with his Astral Spirit. With 73 picks and a 60% win rate at the event, it was clear Elder Titan’s kit needed a huge rebalance. With huge damage, high durability and mobility, two perfect setup spells, and one of the best auras in the game, Elder Titan is as well-rounded as a support can get.

Elder Titan

Image Credits | Valve

The hero did receive minor nerfs at lower levels in 7.30e, but nothing too major that should deter players from picking him. Elder Titan still remains nightmare fuel for agility carries, and one of the best scaling supports in the game.

3. Lion

Lion remains one of the most popular hard support picks in the game for one reason, he can quite literally make your laning phase a living hell for you. Arguably the strongest support hero during the whole of 2021, this meta’s fast tempo has suited Lion like never before.

A hero with a knack for the early game, setting up kills and bursting squishy targets, his toolkit transitions well into the mid-game. Although Lion did receive a small nerf in 7.30e, the Earth Spike mana cost increase is honestly insignificant when you take into account the hero’s Mana Drain ability.

He can still be the Enigma buster from his position, which is absolutely hilarious considering the play-time Enigma is getting this patch.

4. Io

Dota 2’s hardest support has returned once more, albeit in a more support-oriented role in comparison to TI 9. Wisp is back to its old buffing habits, while Relocate remains as one of the best two-way spells in the game.

Wisp is definitely a hard hero to learn, and an even harder one to master, but be sure that a good Io player can be a true difference-maker in just about any situation. Although one of Io’s staple items Holy Locket has received a nerf, don’t let it deter you for a second as it’s still more than a viable option on the hero.

5. Dark Willow

Dark Willow is a hero that did not receive a lot of love at TI 10, being picked up only ten times during the event. Truth be told, there are not a lot of hero’s that can bully enemies out of the lane as much as Willow.

Shadow Realm is a great harass tool that can make even the tankiest heroes question their life choices, while her level six spike is almost next to none. Although she falls off as the game progresses, the meta’s fast tempo suits her as much as it does Lion. A killing machine from the early game through mid, Willow is definitely one of this patches strongest supports.

It’s still a patch where Marci, Enigma, Pudge and Sniper are getting a lot of play and going for Hard Support is becoming more lucrative to equalize a game state. The meta will further crystlize once the DPC 2021-22 qualifiers kick in in a few weeks time.