Top 5 Players to Use from TOTW 5 in FIFA 23 this week

It has been quite the roller coaster within FIFA 23 about the new cards in-game. From the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo going extinct on the market to even all other 82-rated cards being cheap. There have been massive swings for anyone to understand and put their foot on. As such we will look back to the weekly promo that takes place in FIFA.

That is the Team Of The Week. While there were some fantastic games of football that many could watch, few players outshined the rest of their teams. As such they received a new card in-game with better stats and in some cases massive boosts. Let us have a look at some of the players from this week that one must try out.


The Featured TOTW Card This Week In FIFA

Each TOTW FIFA releases a particular player who will have a massive boost to their new in-form card. As such instead of getting an upgrade of one to inform, they will have the boosts of the second in form. Normally cards under 80 are rated on their base card if they get an inform will get an 82-rated inform card. While the featured card will get instead an 84 card in-game. This week’s featured TOTW is Gabriel Martinelli from Arsenal. During the game against Liverpool, he scored the first goal and got an assist for the second. His key stats are his 92 paces, 88 agility and dribbling, and 86 stamina. His major downside is his 3-star weak foot but he does have the finesse shot trait in the game. Currently, his card is valued at 12,000 coins on the FUT Market.

Starting 11 in FIFA 23 TOTW 5

  • David Soria – GK – 84 – Getafe
  • Gomez – CB – 84 – Liverpool
  • Reinildo – LB – 82 – Atlético Madrid
  • Schär – CB – 81 – Newcastle
  • Neymar Jr – CAM – 90 – PSG
  • Kroos – CM – 89 – Real Madrid
  • Barella – CM – 87 – Inter Milan
  • Sané – CAM – 86 – Bayern Munich
  • Terrier – LM – 84 – Rennes
  • Vlahović – ST – 86 – Juventus
  • Thuram – ST – 84 – Borussia Mönchengladbach

Substitutes in FIFA 23 TOTW 5

  • Vicario – GK – 82 – Empoli
  • Silas – RWB – 81 – VfB Stuttgart
  • W. Carvalho – CDM – 83 – Real Betis
  • Lindstrøm – RM – 81 – Eintracht Frankfurt
  • Luiz Gustavo – CDM – 81 – Al-Nassr
  • David – ST – 82 – Lille
  • Forrest – RW – 79 – Celtic
  • Marinelli – GK – 78 – Tigre
  • Ndayishimiye – CB – 79 – Başakşehir
  • Tremolada – CAM – 76 – Modena
  • Adamu – ST – 77 – Red Bull Salzburg
  • Petratos – ST – 75 – ATK Mohun Bagan

Must try players in TOTW 5

  • David
  • Neymar Jr
  • Gomez
  • Kroos
  • Lindstrøm
Must try players in TOTW 4


The first card on our list is one of the most famous strikers in the FIFA community. It is Luis Muriel from Atalanta. Being 31 years of age his goal-scoring in real life hasn’t stopped which is incredible. While having both a 4-star weak foot as well as 4-star skills has helped the player be quite insane in front of goal. While testing out his base card, you can see how agile and smooth the player is with the ball to his feet. His key stats is his 91 pace as well as 91 penalties due to which he is a threat on the spot. While having 90 dribblings,87 agility and balance and a good composure of 84. Currently, his card is valued at 13,500 coins on the FUT Market.


The next player on the list is Tomori from AC Milan. While being an English national player, he has taken a different route and plays within the Italian league. While being 6’1” simply helps his cause to defend the ball and clear off crosses in the box. As a centre-back who has 87 pace, it simply feels like a cheat code to use him in-game. While his key stats is his pace, 87 defending and 83 physical. One must note that due to his reactions being at 88, there is a high chance of him making interceptions when you don’t expect it to occur. Currently, his card is valued at 165,000 coins on the FUT Market. He will be easy to link if one makes a hybrid between a Seria A and a premier league team.


Our next player is quite the versatile player and it’s Frimpong. While being a right back he can also be used in either full-back spots. Due to his insane pace being at 95 the player is one of the fastest cards on FIFA. At the same time, his 89 stamina will allow him to make those sprints until the 90th minute. One must also note that due to his agility of 94 and balance of 93. On the ball, he is one of the best players to skill against the defenders and then run toward the goal. Due to the market crash as well currently his card is valued at 17,000 coins.


The last player is one who in my opinion has been simply underlooked due to his position and that is Correa. The Argentine from Atletico Madrid has been one of the players who has gone majorly under the radar in FIFA 23. As such if you look at his stats we have got 4 stats that are in the 80s. While also having 4-star skill moves as well as a weak foot. On paper, his card looks quite immaculate for the simple fact that he can play as a CF or ST or even as an RW which allows a lot of flexibility in aboutuad building. His key stats would be his 89 dribbling with 92 agility. His 86 shooting with 88 positionings, finishing and long shots thus being quite the player to take power shots with.

Due to the market crash as well currently his card is valued at 38,750 coins but one could see it rise to even 43,000 coins soon.

Must try players in TOTW 3

Many players might be new players to FIFA 23 and as such, they might not be clear about what Team Of The Week is. So in brief to give a mini introduction about TOTW it is concerning real-life football taking place. The TOTW consists of players from all the national leagues in the world. While the best performing players in the ongoing week and a team of 28 players. While this consists of even substitutes as well as reverses in the team. These players will have additional stats to their playing cards as well as a new card in the ultimate team. These stat-boosted cards will be exclusively available for one week. While one can obtain these players from either FIFA packs or even the transfer market.

Totw 3 FiFA

For example, we take the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo who has a base card with a rating of 90. Now if in the upcoming week, in the game for Manchester United he scores 2 goals. He has a higher chance of getting an In-form card in FIFA 23. As such this card will be of a rating of 91 with certain stats having been incremented more. The position he informs the card will receive could be based on the position he played in that game or the one on his regular card. Due to these cards being available for only a week in-game, it has a form of rarity to have and an increasing price market once out of FIFA packs.

Players to try out from FIFA 23 TotW Week 3

Let’s take a look at the TOP 5 players one must try out in their ultimate team squad in FIFA 23

Wissam Ben Yedder – ST- 86

As one famous author said, the rats will never leave your side and so will Ben Yedder. While being one of the most irritating to play against in older FIFA games. Ben Yedder made his name back in FIFA 21 while having an insane base card with the 5-star weak foot. Things haven’t changed much in FIFA 23 either with his Inform card having a 5-star weak foot and 4-star skill moves. As such with his explosive acceleration stat he is one card to be wary of. Rocking an insane 90 dribbling with 86 shooting. He has already become one of the best striker cards in the game. Currently, on the Transfer Market, he is valued at 183,000 coins in the game. If you are looking for a lethal striker who will finish with ease with either foot, Ben Yedder is your guy.

Rafael Leão – ST- 86

Our next player is one of the main attackers for AC Milan and it is Rafael Leao. The wingers have made the streets of Italy his own during the 2021-22 season of the Seria A. As such with his insane form last year he helped his team win the league last season. While being boosted to an 86 rating, the key stat for his card is his speed. Having an insane state of 92 Pace and 86 dribbling will help him run past defences with ease. One thing to keep in mind is due to his nationality it could be tougher for some to get him on full chemistry. While currently on the market being valued at 144,000 coins. His card will be suited to most who want to have a team with other Seria A players in them.

Sergej Milinkovic-Savic – CM- 87

While continuing with the trend of Seria A players, we have Sergej MILINKOVIC-Savic from Lazio. While the midfielder has become one of the most popular players in the game of FIFA, his form has been incredible. As such he tends to play a more box-to-box role while helping the defensive side of things. While one must not forget that he is another player with the 5-star weak foot as well as the power header trait. Due to these two key attributes the player can play a crucial role while attacking. Or during set pieces as a player crosses the ball to score the goal. Currently, his card is valued at 43,250 so it will be a matter of time before we could see him on certain starter teams.

Cesinha – CAM- 81

While one could have added all the highest-rated players in the game to be a part of this team, one cannot forget the mid-range players. As such we have CESINHA who in the eyes of many would be a decent card. While having a base stat of 81 there is a little more to this player. Firstly he has 5-star skills and a 5-star weak foot on his card. Secondly, he has the power free kick trait as well as the Finesse shot trait. As such his shots are more likely to be curved when compared to other players without this stat. While his key attributes will be his 86 pace and 82 shooting. One must note to play a card like his it would be best suited to use a hunter chemistry style on him.

Erling Haaland- ST- 89

Last but not least is Erling Haaland. As a football fan the less I say the better about this player and his card. His base card stats is quite insane for a player his age. While he has gone off to just prove how much of a beast he is as a player, he has the form of a demon. The main reason for his TOTW card is for his hat trick in the game while also providing 2 assists in the game. As such the key stats of his Inform card is his 90 pace, 92 shooting and 88 physical. One must note that it is currently rare to get his information card. This is because of the Ones To Watch cards that have been released.

Currently, the value of his Ones To Watch card is 1,650,000 while his base card is 375,000. If you would like to test out his TOTW I would suggest using him with the engine chemistry on maximum chemistry.