Top 5 Moments in Rocket League History

There have been a lot of memorable moments in Rocket League throughout the 10 seasons of RLCS. From flashy goals to picturesque saves we have seen it some incredible things, so here are our top 5 moments in Rocket League history.


Season 3 at the RLCS World Championship, and Deevo does what he became known for. Deevo was the first person to make double taps a relevant mechanic within the pro scene of RLCS. Northern Gaming (Deevo’s team) were 3-1 in games against EU powerhouse Mock-it Esports. Deevo jumps from the side wall, reading where the ball is going and blocks the clear from Mock-it. The block from Deevo pushes the ball towards the opposing backboard where he follows it in the air with a spin and pushes it behind the goalkeeper.

The casters and crowd were extremely impressed. This was very early into Rocket League, and as fancy mechanics like double taps and flip resets were not really a thing at this time, the entire Oceania region named this mechanic after Deevo. It was one of those Rocket League moments that we are likely to never see on that scale again.

Squishy Ceiling Shot

C9 Squishy: the inventor of the ceiling shot, and the first to bring it from casual to the main stage. Going back all the way to Season 4 of the RLCS, a somewhat new team enters the scene after winning Dreamhack as the orgless Muffin Men. Cloud9 picked up the roster of Squishy, Gimmick, and Torment. Squishy, known for his high mechanical ability, was inventing all sorts of new tricks. However, most of these were seen as just viable in casual/ranked games and not at the top level. Up until Season 4, Squishy had scored a few memorable ceiling shots, but none of them will be remembered like this one.

C9 Squishy

With 1 minute left of game 4, Method were 2-1 up against Cloud9. C9 Gimmick goes up for kick-off; he pushes the ball to his right where none other than Squishy himself was waiting to take the ball up the wall and race to the ceiling. Once reaching the ceiling he follows the ball close to bait in Mognus for the challenge, but he doesn’t take this challenge and instead pulls backwards under the ball with a full flip allowing him the space to use his reset to completely confuse Metsanarus and get a free shot above him.

The Kuxir Pinch

Kuxir has always been a long standing Batmobile user, and pinches were never really an intentionally used mechanic in the RLCS. Until now… Flipsid3 Tactics, Kuxir’s team, were dominating Team Secret being 2-0 in the series when just under 2 minutes into the 3rd game of the best of 5 series, Kuxir took things into his own hands. After some pressure from Flipsid3, Team Secret cleared the ball down field, where Kuxir and his Batmobile was waiting. He catches the ball and pushes it up the right side wall before jumping and pinching the ball from his own corner all the way into the opposition goal at a whopping 124 kph.

The casters were in awe, confused by the pinch and surprised by how accurate a shot like this could be. This was the start of many Kuxir pinches to come in future seasons, and the man certainly produced many more Rocket League moments we could add to this list.

Cloud9 Wins The RLCS World Championship

Season 6 saw fan favourites Cloud9 take on the entirety of Europe in what was shaping to be a European-dominated Rocket League scene. Cloud9’s road to winning the championship is probably one of the best stories in Rocket League to this day.

After losing to We Dem Girlz in the upper bracket quarterfinals, C9 had a tough task ahead of them: the dreaded lower bracket. After a comfortable start to the lower bracket with a 3-0 sweep over Tainted Minds, Cloud9 went on to face fellow Americans NRG. This was always a hard match as NRG seemed to somehow always get the better of the other North American teams. However, on this day, everything went according to plan and C9 beat NRG 3-2. After this, Cloud9 were put against Evil Geniuses in the final game to make it to Championship Sunday. C9 also managed to get the win against the only other standing American roster to become NA’s last hope.

Cloud 9

Day 3, Championship Sunday. C9 continue where they left off with a dominating performance against Chiefs Esports. One last obstacle stood in the way of C9 and the Grand Finals. The time for revenge was now: Cloud9 against We Dem Girlz. After being put into the lower bracket, C9 wanted to make the point that they couldn’t beat them twice so easily. Cloud9 kept their winning form and knocked We Dem Girlz out with a 4-2 win in the series.

In the Grand Final Cloud9 has to beat Dignitas in not 1, but 2 best-of-7 series. In The North American fans got behind C9 pushing them on to beat Dignitas (EU #1 seed) in the first Bo7 with a fascinating 4-1 in games, forcing the bracket reset. Somehow the NA crowd managed to get even louder and even more supportive pushing C9 forward to again win the series 4-1 and become world champions, bringing the championship back to NA for the first time in 3 seasons.


When it comes to clutch goals to keep your team in a tournament, nothing comes to mind more than JSTN in season 5. In the Grand Finals of the London World Championship against Dignitas. Picture it: in game 7, the teams are 3-3 in the series and 2-2 in the game. With just 4 seconds to go Turbopulsa scores to put Dignitas 3-2 up. With such a short amount of time remaining for NRG to equalise and force overtime, The kick-off goes in favour of NRG. The clock hits 0 as JSTN keeps the ball up in his corner by pinching it into the midfield towards Fireburner. Fireburner takes 50/50 with Turbopulsa pushing the ball to the right side of the field which bounces high above the Dignitas goal. JSTN comes soaring in from his side of the field and cushions the ball perfectly under Kaydop to even the score sheet and push into overtime.

The casters, the crowd, everyone went crazy. The atmosphere is one of the most iconic in the history of Rocket League, with many people claiming it to be the best LAN. This moment led to the famous “This is Rocket League” quote from caster Callum “Shogun” Keir.