Trevor Noah will soon be competing against top gamers on Quibi

Yes, you read that right – Daily Show host Trevor Noah, a self-proclaimed skilled gamer will be hosting a new series by the name of Player vs Player with Trevor Noah. He’ll be putting his skills to test in competition with some of the biggest names in gaming, on the American video platform Quibi.

Trevor Noah will soon be competing against top gamers on Quibi

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High expectations

Trevor Noah has previously claimed to be the best non-professional FIFA player on the planet – that’s quite the claim, and one he’ll soon have to back up. Noah’s own company Day Zero Productions will be producing the series along with Comedy Central Studios. It will all be in the format of a competition between Noah and esports personas.

So far, the expected guests include pro players, top Twitch streamers, and even celebrities that hold significant stakes in esports teams. In other words, plenty of competition and a chance for Noah to really prove his skills. Not just in FIFA either – Fortnite, or even Pokemon battles have been discussed. We don’t have a timeline for the show yet, but it certainly seems like it could be a fun short segment for esports fans to watch!

About Trevor Noah

Noah has quite the history already. Comedy specials and back-to-back Emmy nominations for his talk shows prove that he’s got what it takes as far as show hosting goes. How he’ll fare in esports competition is another matter entirely. He’s currently hosting a virtual version of his usual show and has been since March. It’s called the Daily Social Distancing Show and features remote guests so as to comply with the coronavirus-mandated public health guidelines.

How good of a gamer or esports competitor Trevor is remains to be seen. If we’ve secretly had this hidden competitive gem on our screens all along, and suddenly he shows up and showcases skills on par with his comedy and wins. We will be in for a ride.

Competing on Quibi

Though pretty much unknown outside of America, Quibi is a short-form mobile video platform that uses a subscription-model to give users access to short entertainment videos. It’s usually around ten minutes per video at most. Though backed and funded with considerable sums, the platform itself is struggling considerably. It has witnessed dwindling subscriber numbers since its launch. That is despite a considerable offer of content featuring a wide variety of celebrities and types of entertainment.

Esports will be a new addition to the service however. Given the popularity of Noah and the variety of guests he will be hosting, it’s easy to imagine that the platform will see an uptick in viewership soon. It is however refreshing when a mainstream media personality tackles and talks esports in general.

Its true nobody sleeps on esports nowadays and even the oldest staunches are now aware of the phenomenon. Yet, a well crafted show that really dives into what esports is all about paired with lighthearted comedy and comedy and competition is exactly what we need to get esports to the next level.

Our expectations are high Mr. Noah.

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