TwitchCon San Diego 2022 – Full Schedule and Breakdown of Events

TwitchCon is back, and this time in San Diego. Twitch recently published the schedule of the events that will take place across the three action-packed days between October 7 and October 9.

There are more than 80 events packed into three days at the San Diego Convention Center across six different venues, and these range from Meet Ups and community sessions to musical performances and artist booths.

TwitchCon San Diego

TwitchCon San Diego Events Breakdown

Artist Alley is the first event scheduled, beginning at 9 AM local time on Friday. Anyone who can “illustrate, sculpt, sew, and more can showcase their crafts and designs”. This event will be the central attraction for artists and art lovers, where you’ll be able to meet your favorite artists, buy some fan art, or commission custom pieces. Artist Alley will reopen again at 9 AM across the next two days of TwitchCon as well.

The opening ceremony will be held at the Glitch Theater, where the keynote speech will be delivered by Twitch CEO Emmett Shear. You’ll hear about the statistics from last year, and keep your ears peeled for announcements about future events.

Twitch has confirmed the presence of star streamers Pokimane, tyleroakley, DisguisedToast, MsAshRocks, cheebs, neeko, and more. The legendary cosplay contest returns, as well as Rivals tournaments. These, along with the rare loots, panel Q&A and Artist Alley continue to be the event’s main highlights and biggest attractions. The Cosplay Contest will be held at 4:30 PM on Saturday, where cosplayers can “hit the stage and compete for the top spot in various categories”. The Glitch Theater Program will also hold its very first Drag Showcase on the first day of the convention.

Twitch Rivals Pre-Show promises “games, trivia and swag”, and will be held at 10.30 AM across all three days at the Twitch Rivals Arena. This year, Twitch Rivals includes a Minecraft MOBA event, a Fortnite No-Build event, and the Balloon World Cup Regional Championships.

The organizers have also promised “epic musical events”, all to be held at the Kappa Cabana Stage. 22 artists will be performing over the course of three days, kicking off with the EndeBrothers performing at 11.30 AM on Friday. CA in LA, singer-songwriter duo of Courtney & Ashleigh will be the last to perform, taking the stage on the final day at 5 PM.

There are also plenty of community panels organized across all three days. If you’re already a streamer wanting to grow your channel, or just looking for a place to start, there are discussions that’ll show you the right way to go. ‘Using TikTok to Grow Your Twitch Community’ kicks off at 11:30 on the first day, and ‘Before You Go Live: An Intro to Streaming’ will be held on Saturday at 3PM. Creator Camp includes plenty of sessions and workshops on building your channel, and guidelines for aspiring streamers.

See the full TwitchCon San Diego Schedule of events below:

Event NameDateTime (Local Time)
Artist AlleyFriday, 7 October 20229:00 AM
Charity Streaming 101Friday, 7 October 202210:00 AM
Grow Your AudienceFriday, 7 October 202210:00 AM
Assemble Your Party: Your Team for Tax, Finance, and LawFriday, 7 October 202210:00 AM
Music - EndeBrothersFriday, 7 October 202210:30 AM
Twitch Rivals Pre-ShowFriday, 7 October 202210:30 AM
Elevator PitchFriday, 7 October 202210:30 AM
Balloon World Cup Regional ChampionshipsFriday, 7 October 202211:00 AM
Create Engaging StreamsFriday, 7 October 202211:30 AM
Music - dancelikebutterFriday, 7 October 202211:30 AM
Using TikTok to Grow Your Twitch CommunityFriday, 7 October 202211:30 AM
Music - SunfyretvFriday, 7 October 202212:45 AM
Streaming as a Hobby or Career?Friday, 7 October 20221:00 PM
Building Your Media Kit Friday, 7 October 20221:00 PM
Build Your CommunityFriday, 7 October 20221:00 PM
Music by Colleen DaunceyFriday, 7 October 20221:45 PM
So You Want to Stream Art?Friday, 7 October 20223:00 PM
Opening CeremonyFriday, 7 October 20223:00 PM
Design Your BrandFriday, 7 October 20223:00 PM
Music - Kevin & BbFriday, 7 October 20223:00 PM
Working with BrandsFriday, 7 October 20223:30 PM
Music by LA GEMAFriday, 7 October 20224:00 PM
War Stories: Veterans & GamingFriday, 7 October 20224:30 PM
Drag ShowcaseFriday, 7 October 20224:30 PM
Balancing Streaming & FitnessFriday, 7 October 20224:30 PM

The organizers of TwitchCon had initially announced a mask-free convention, but was met with backlash from attendees and even some of their own streamer partners amid the rising threat of monkeypox, and California’s recent spike in COVID-19 cases. They backtracked as a result and imposed compulsory masks at all indoor events. In addition, entrants will need to produce proof of vaccination, or a negative COVID test taken within the last 72 hours of entry.