UOL vs CrowCrowd – LCL Spring Split Finals Preview & Betting Tips

UOL & CrowCrowd will face each other this upcoming Saturday at 3 PM (CET) to see who’s going to win the LCL Championship and qualify for MSI, the first international tournament of S11.

Since the Russian League is less known for most people, we will take a look at each team and set some expectations going into this series. Our odds and betting predictions are at the bottom of the article, if you want to skip the analysis, just scroll down.

LCL Finals Spring 2021 UoL CC

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UOL – Taking advantage of the Meta Picks

After ending 4th in the LCL Spring Split, Unicorns of Love were probably the least favored coming into playoffs. The team’s overall momentum dropped after losing some of the last few matches, which were essential for the final standings. Nevertheless, they found their groove back again just in time…

UOL beat Gambit Esports with a quick 3-1 in the Semi-finals. Despite a single game loss, their execution was strong overall. What was more surprising, however, was the team comps they chose. By picking full-scaling champions, UOL always granted themselves advantages the longer the game went. Champions like Seraphine, Senna, Kassadin & Viktor were either pick or ban throughout the whole series. These meta champions grant insane value when put in the right condition… and the Unicorns deeply know their win conditions.

In order to see how the series will unfold, the draft phase will be crucial. CrowCrowd will have to find many different answers because there will always be a champion that will escape the ban phase… and UOL will surely take it.

CrowCrowd – Insane Objective Control

CC have finally broken into the finals. They now have a chance to battle the best international teams at MSI: UOL is their last hurdle.

The team entered playoffs as the 3rd seed but demolishing the 1st seed One Breath Gaming with a 3-0 record in a surprising turn of events. CrowCrowd had an insane execution of macro play, putting a lot of attention on the dragons and the bot side of the map. Not only that, but their teamfights’ performance is on point: they will look for skirmishes around drake and look to trade with UOL.

Their weakness, however, might be draft. CrowCrowd likes piloting champions that always require some kind of snowball. The team’s goal is to push their lead as much as possible, and close the game with the help of the major objectives.

Whilst it can surely work against worse teams, doubts will surely arise when facing a powerhouse like UOL… CrowCrowd will have to respond to the enemies’ draft with equally strong comps. If they fail in doing so, Unicorns of Love might make the series very short…

UOL vs CrowCrowd Betting Odds & Predictions

My prediction for this series is 3-2 for UOL. While most people think that UOL will dominate the series, I think that CrowCrowd has some upsides that will make the series more balanced. I think it will be a lot closer than expected, but UOL should still take it home.

If you are looking into LoL Betting, this match is a good place to start. Placing a wager on UOL will net you a 1.32x return on your investment over at Betway. Going for a correct score however will get you 4.5x in returns which is a great bargain for a singles bet.

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