FPX vs RNG – LPL Spring Split Finals Preview & Betting Tips

The LPL Spring Playoffs are coming to an end: FPX & RNG will face each other this upcoming Sunday at 11 AM (CET) to see who’s going to win the Championship. The winning team will join the winners of the other regions at MSI, the first international tournament of S11.

The matchup is a repeat of the Playoffs Round 4 opener of FPX vs RNG, which went down the way for Fun Plus Phoenix. Our prediction back then, was that RNG was the favorite, and boy were we wrong. At least we salvaged our bets with the map duration predictions which also rescued our bank.

This time around, we take a look at each team separately and set new expectations going into this series. Our odds and betting predictions are at the bottom of the article, if you want to skip the analysis, just scroll down.

LPL Spring 2021 Final

RNG – LPL Playoffs was a difficult path 

After coming first in the spring split, Royal Never Give Up looked like they were going to dominate the playoffs as well. The team had, on paper, an easier schedule, since they would only need to win 2 series to become the champions… Things, however, didn’t go as planned.

RNG dropped their first series of playoffs in Round 4, right against FPX. What surprised everyone more, though, was the way FPX dominated the first seed, completely smashing them in a quick 3-0. And to add insult to the injury, FPX looked so consistent that RNG was never able to create a significant lead in the series.


RNG Roster – LPL 2021

This loss was a big wake-up call for RNG. What was thought of as an advantage of having to play fewer series turned against them. FPX had already played 2 series prior to their battle and were able to get accustomed to the Bo5’s much better than expected.

After losing to FPX, RNG was able to get away with the victory against the other strong powerhouse of the LPL: Edward Gaming. While it looked like it was going to be an easy series for RNG (they won the first 2 games), EDG fought back and was able to take it to a Game 5.

In the last game, however, RNG quickly took control of the early game and sent EDG home. What’s really important about how this series played out was the draft phase: both teams played very standard team comps, picking all the strongest champions available. This pattern will surely transition to the final unless the teams will come out with some cheese picks. Ultimately, it will come down more to execution and who gets to snowball first…

FPX – The Ultimate Dark Horse of LPL

FPX was definitely the biggest surprise in this LPL Spring Playoffs. The return of jungler Gao “Tian” Tian-Liang was surely a game-changer, as he became the key player in the early-mid game. He’s been almost flawless throughout playoffs, especially on picks like Hecarim & Udyr. These champions, which continue to dominate the meta, will surely be highly contested in the Pick & Ban phase.

FPX’s success, however, doesn’t only come from Tian. Everyone on the team is performing really well: Lin “Lwx” Wei-Xiang was the most consistent player on the roster, as he allows his support Liu “Crisp” Qing-Song to roam around while he waits to scale. When late-game team fights come around, he always shows up and shreds through anything that comes his way.


FPX Roster – LPL 2021

The laning phase against Chen “GALA” Wei will be crucial: with the presence of many hyper-scaling marksmen, whoever gets a lead will take over the game.

What will most likely happen are skirmishes around objectives, especially in the drake area. It will be important for both teams to have priority: whenever they will contend vision, full-on fights will break out… and that’s where the games will be decided.

While there will be a lot of variance & volatility, one thing is certain: we are going to have another insanely entertaining series.

FPX vs RNG Betting Odds & Predictions

My prediction for this series is 3-1 for FPX. While I don’t expect RNG to be dominated in a similar fashion to their last series, I still think FPX is the stronger team. It might not be surprising to see FPX win 3-0 again, but I think RNG will at least take one game after getting used to the Bo5 format.

If you are looking into LPL Betting, this match is a good place to start. Placing a wager on FPX will net you a 1.45x return on your investment over at GG.BET. Going for the correct score (3:1) however, will net you 3.59x.

Game time should be around 30 minutes in all games played where FPX is going to win. If RNG are edging towards a win you can expect the game time to tank up to 35+ minutes. Most matchs will offer you x1.91 for under 30.5 minute game time bets. If you see RNG with an early lead you can easily live bet a match duration over 35minutes to some sweet returns.

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