Upcoming Esports Games – Six games that will change esports

The video games industry never ceases to amaze fans time after time, and we always anticipate upcoming esports games rising to our wildest expectations. As we head into Fall 2021, these are some Esports titles that a gaming enthusiast shouldn’t miss.

The following games all have one thing in common; mass appeal. Most of them have long ways to go to make sustainable esports scenes, but there is an audience so wanting and hyped for them that companies don’t have a choice but to double down into making them competitive mega titles.

Here are six upcoming esports games that may shake up the stage by the end of 2021.

Upcoming Esports Games

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Riot Games’ brainchild, developed to rival the mobile MOBA giants, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and King of Glory (HoK/AoV) is making a strong entrance.

Wild Rift has garnered popularity, especially among League of Legends fans, thanks to its thrilling, fast-paced gameplay and familiar LoL aesthetics. Compared to the more established Mobile Legends, Wild Rift certainly provided a great alternative. Yet, it’s not just the game itself that genuinely makes it a viable esports title, but the plausible high budget Riot Games can pour into the title. Riot Games have already announced their plans to make Wild Rift a sustaining Esports MOBA game, independent of LoL. Thus, fans or aspiring mobile game pro players can kickstart their gaming career for these upcoming Esports games 2021.

Aside from Riot Games’ own regional leagues, many TOs already saw potential in the game since its launch, offering five-digit prize pools at minimum.

League of Legends Wild Rift Esports


One does not expect a two decade old franchise to be in an upcoming esports games article. Yet, Trackmania might be the next big thing after quietly chugging along for the past decade. The game has always had a loyal esports audience especially in France. Thanks to the ESWC and a very dedicated record setting community, Trackmania was never forgotten even years after its prime.

The latest release simply named Trackmania (2020), aims to recapture past glory and re-invigorate the esports scene. Thanks to content creators like Wirtual, Trackmania has had a resurgence in interest among content creators and former players alike. Players are returning to past Trackmania titles like TM Nations and TM Nations Forever in droves to set new records and re-start their driving career.

Eventually, the esports scene for the latest Trackmania release might get an influx of players and kickstart a renaissance for this OG racing title. Look out for Trackmania in 2021/2022.

Trackmania Esports

© Nadeo / Ubisoft

Call of Duty Warzone

Warzone stands relatively high on our list of upcoming Esports games 2021 because of its speciality in customizable weaponry. From muzzles to magazines, every weapon has its own stats to provide players with a sense of inventory management.

Warzone definitely offers a breath of fresh air when it comes to first-person shooter games and Battle Royales as a whole. Of course, the Call of Duty franchise already has a loyal fanbase, to begin with. This means it will only be exponential growth for Warzone’s Esports-side of things, marking it as one of the best upcoming Esports games to watch.

We are still waiting for an official commitment by Activsion on the esports side of Warzone. The way PUBG is doing lately, we might see all of the BRs make yet another push towards esports.

upcoming esports games

© Call of Duty Warzone

Halo Infinite

Here’s yet another option for battle royale fans. Halo Infinite might feel like an overblown Esports game derived from the signature Halo franchise. Although 343 Industries have been paying attention to designing the Halo Esports ecosystem, where players can play using either a controller or the traditional keyboard and mouse. This seems like a step in the wrong direction, as the flexibility gave controller users a game-winning advantage.

Anyways, the Halo Championship Series will be a great starting point to venture into Halo Infinite’s limitless potential for Esports tactics. If spacesuits and sci-fi mercenaries are your cup of tea, then Halo Infinite should be on your bucket list of upcoming esports games to watch.

halo Infinite esports

© 343 Industries

PUBG Mobile (New State)

Staying on the side of first-person shooter games, PUBG Mobile is a classic, adapted into mobile game genre goodness. Fans in college can quickly whip out their smartphones for a quick match of PUBG during lectures but little did they know, they could be aspiring PUBG Mobile pro players. PUBG Mobile needs no introduction, having become a better alternative to its parent game, PUBG on PC. Now, PUBG Mobile’s Esports scene has risen to great lengths, so much that Esports powerhouses have their own PUBG Mobile team. Just ask Ahmad “Fredo” Fuad, the current Team Secret player, for a change.

The main problem for this franchise is the plethora of different developers and games that hold the PUBG moniker: PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite, Battlegrounds Mobile India all have distinct versions and playerbases and the mobile game has a hard esports ecosystem to navigate. PUBG:M is still finding its way as an esport in the west, but at the rate Krafton is dumping money into the PUBG franchise we might see a strong resurgance with PUBG: New State.

PUBG Mobile New State

© Krafton

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

In the end, don’t let the clumsy characters fool you into thinking it’s a children game. Fall Guys rose to many streamers and soon-to-be professional players just weeks after its launch last year. The battle royale game involves a series of challenges, where each one disqualifies a certain number of players until only one remain. Fall Guys might just be the cutest, yet most intense game to be competitive in, hence making it a highly-anticipated esports title.

Many tournament organizers are looking into the opportunity to host tournaments of decent calibre amidst the recent spike in fans. Most notably, the Twitch Rivals Fall Guys Season 4 earlier this year had a generous $50,000 prize pool with an average viewership of 200,000. We anticipate that the Twitch Rivals series will have upcoming seasons, but perhaps more organizers may be keen on joining the bandwagon next year.

Upcoming esports games

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From mobile gaming to the classic PC games, upcoming Esports games are taking over every platform and genre. If this doesn’t get you excited for what’s to come in 2022, then perhaps Esports betting will spice things up.