Call of Duty League Info 2022: Events, Schedule and History

The Call of Duty League, better known as CDL, is an esports league for the first-person shooter favored by many. CoD is published by Activision (acquired by Microsoft in 2023), and when it comes to the general style of the league, one could compare it to Overwatch League and other traditional North American sports leagues as it uses permanent, city-based teams which are backed up by separate ownership groups.

The league operates on a tournament point system and playoffs where promotions and relegation come in depending on the point standings. The league was officially announced in 2019, and the first season started in 2020.

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CoD Vanguard to be played in 2022

While a lot of popular esports games usually have a single title and then just balance the game with patches and maybe expansions, when it comes to Call of Duty, today everyone is probably familiar that a new one comes out quite often. The league started on CoD: Modern Warfare, it then moved to CoD: Black Ops Cold War in 2021, and in 2022, the game is going to switch to its newest release, Vanguard. When it comes to the CDL betting scene, it has also evolved with the games.

Call of Duty League 2022 Schedule

The full seasonal schedule can be seen in the picture below:

CDL 2022 Schedule

Call of Duty League 2022 Schedule

Modes used in the competitive environment


When it comes to the game modes used in the professional environment, this one is the fastest one. In this mode, the teams have to fight for the control of rotating objective areas on the map. Each team gains a point for each second spent on the active objective while it is uncontested.

Every 60 seconds(points), the objective rotates to a new area on the map, which is what makes this game mode so interesting to watch, as it can create some very nice turns. The winner of the mode is the team that first reaches 250 points.

Search & Destroy

Often just called SnD is a game mode where there is an attacking side and a defending side. What makes this mode different from others is that players have a single life per round, which makes the gameplay a bit more slow-paced and more tactical, but it also makes certain moments more epic because of those factors.

The attacking team’s goal is to either eliminate all of the defending players or to detonate a bomb at two fixed sites on the map. Defenders on the other hand can only win by eliminating all enemy players, or waiting for the round timer to run out.


This is one of the favorite modes in the community when it comes to casual play, which also makes it even more fun in competitive for the viewers. It is a very similar mode to Hardpoint, as it is about area control. There are fixed locations on the map, and a team can capture the flag and start earning points on the location. Instead of a single location, there are also three flags at the time, with the B flag mostly being located in the middle of the map.


What makes this game mode unique is that is somewhat of a mix of Hardpoint and SnD. There is an attacking team and a defending team. The ones who are attacking have to capture two zones before they run out of respawns, while the defending team has to defend those points before the timer runs out.

Call of Duty League Betting

Betting on CDL is evolving with each passing season. Matches used to have simple esports betting markets at the beginning, but have now evolved to have exotics featuring total rounds, handicaps and game mode winners for most matches. Read our complete esports betting guide to learn more about wagering opportunities with CoD.

2022 Call of Duty Season

We are finally caught up to the present year of CDL, which is transferring yet again to a new game, Call Of Duty: Vanguard. The event is going to kick off on LAN at the Esports Stadium Arlington on Jan 21-23 in front of a live audience. When it comes to the Call of Duty League schedule for the 2022 season, here is the list of all important events that you can check out and try out your COD betting skills.

Major I hosted by OpTic Texas

  • Feb 4-20 Online Qualifiers
  • Mar 3-6 Lan Tournament
Major II hosted by Minnesota ROKKR
  • March 11-27 Online Qualifiers
  • Mar 31-Apr 3 Lan Tournament
  • Apr 9-10 All-Star Weekend
  • Apr 24 Call of Duty League Warzone Pacific Tournament
  • May 5-8 Pro-Am Classic (No CDL points in this event)
Major III hosted by Toronto Ultra
  • May 13-29 Online Qualifiers
  • Jun 2-5 Lan Tournament
Major IV hosted by New York Subliners
  • Jul 1-17 Online Qualifiers
  • Jul 21-24 Lan Tournament
Championship Weekend
  • Info is yet to be decided

CDL History

Below you can find seasonal info about each current and previous Call of Duty League Season to date.

2021 Call of Duty League Season

The 2021 season followed more or less the same format as the 2020 season, but the game would move on to Black Ops Cold War, and it would be played on PC with any league-approved controllers. Another big change was that it was going back to the 4v4 format, and the modes used were SnD, Hardpoint, and Control. The prize pool for this event was $2,500,000, which is quite a reduced amount compared to 2020.

The Championship Weekend took place from August 19 to August 22, 2021, and the top 8 teams that earned points throughout the season would compete at the event. The top 4 teams this year were:

  • Atlanta FazE
  • Dallas Empire
  • Toronto Ultra
  • Minnesota ROKKR

While the grand finals were not a rematch from 2020, Atlanta FaZe did defeat their rivals from the previous year, Dallas Empire in the semi-finals and sent them to the losers bracket where they were defeated by Toronto Ultra. This does not mean that the grand finals were not fun to watch the games were very close, but Atlanta Faze won the whole thing with a 5:3 score. The MVP for this year was Atlanta FaZe aBeZy with a K/D of 1.09.

2020 Call of Duty League Season

The 2020 season was divided into two splits, spring and summer. It also had a mid-season all-star event which took immediately after the spring split, but the highlight of the season was its conclusion, the Championship Weekend. The modes that were used throughout the season were Domination, Hardpoint, and SnD, and the prize pool was an incredible $4.600.000, and the COD odds this year were also quite nice as well.

There were a total of 12 teams in the playoffs, where only 4 teams advanced to the Championship Weekend. Those 4 teams were:

  • Dallas Empire
  • Atlanta FaZe
  • Chicago Huntsmen
  • London Royal Ravens

Eventually, the grand finals would bring us an incredible match where Dallas Empire would face off Atlanta FaZe in a best of 9 series, where Dallas Empire started with 1:0 as they were in the winners’ bracket. Dallas Empire turned out to be quite dominant this season, and they won the championship with a 5:1 score, only losing in the Hardpoint mode played on the Gun Runner map. The MVP of the event was C6 from Dallas Empire with a K/D of 0.98.