Fnatic’s Upset and Adam drama hopefully ends – How far was too far?

hopefully overThe Fnatic LoL team has had a bit of an upheaval earlier this year, after one player left the team he just doesn’t seem to be able to let go of old grudges. French player Adam “Adam” Maanane posted a lengthy diatribe on Twitter, detailing his apparent mistreatment at the hands of the Fnatic team. It also specifically zeroed in on one player though: Elias “Upset” Lipp. The Upset and Adam drama has continued since, with this past week things escalating even further, and hopefully finally came to an end.

Upset & Adam Drama

Comradery broken

Upset and Adam drama continues

Things really kicked off between Upset and Adam in public after the player posted a Twitlonger about leaving the team. It begins with basically the players’ first game of Worlds, where Upset had to leave just 12 hours before the match. This caused problems throughout Worlds, and Upset seems particularly annoyed at what he views as an inconsequential reason to leave the team.

Following the worlds drama, Adam then details rumors about FNC trying to replace him. He blames Upset personally for trying to recruit one of the players that were rumored to be his replacement. The overall tone of the note seems proud of achievements while at Fnatic, but weirdly bitter towards a specific player for how things went. end. Essentially, he alleges that the entire organization was against him, but specifically goes in on Upset as the source of a lot of this.

Upset’s response to these allegations was pretty simple. He said they were an outright lie. A lot of the Upset and Adam drama has escalated based on one allegation here, that Upset left Worlds at short notice due to his wife being lonely.

Upset did make a statement of his own earlier, stating that his personal life should remain personal and the widespread frenzy of rumors and reasons why he left Worlds is a private matter.

Adam Changes Name to Lonely Wife UwU

In another escalation of the situation. Adam has changed his name in-game in League to Lonely Wife UwU. The LoL community seems to largely agree this is to deliberately reference the Upset and Adam drama situation. More specifically, a reference to Upset’s wife.

While the reason for Upset leaving the game was kept private, Adam goes over his thoughts on ‘privacy’ here in the Twitlonger. He claimed that Upset’s departure, for this reason, was ‘totally unjustified’. He adds that no one got any exact details about the situation for his departure. His view on sharing private information on other players was:

“I don’t give a damn about the privacy reason when I worked, we all worked hard for 1 year to reach the Worlds”.

Within his original statement, Adam says that nobody, including him, got full details of why Upset left. Why exactly Adam has decided to continue to poke at this problem despite not knowing the full situation isn’t exactly clear. He seems to feel great personal animosity towards Upset for having a personal life. Elias has responded considerably more maturely.

Upset’s wife has also weighed in the situation. Revealing that Adam ‘not caring about privacy’ and spouting accusations about a situation he admittedly doesn’t understand fully has led to death threats:

Potential resolution to the situation

Yesterday night, Adam tried to make amends by commenting on the situation at the start of his stream. This will hopefully put an end to the drama, although we can never be sure with these players. Especially when they flip their attitudes on matters on a dime.

The drama has fed into a sense of rivalry between the two players. Some fans are even excited to see them meet again in a game. To some though, the Upset and Adam drama is an unnecessarily public argument about a personal issue. Upset’s behavior seems incredibly unprofessional. Starting this level of drama over private issues after being dropped by a team probably isn’t going to make him a very attractive player to orgs in the future.

We see an increase in pro-player behavior that is borderline career suicide in the way the express themselves and flame their organizations or former teammates openly. Whatever the reasons are, there is no warrant for players to be toxic to one another.