Usain Bolt Joins Esports as WYLDE Co-Owner

This week the news has broken that yet another major name in traditional sports is jumping into the world of esports. Usain Bolt will be joining WYLDE, becoming a co-owner of the wide esports franchise. Usain Bolt will be working alongside the org which has its foot in the door in quite a few different sports.


Usain Bolt Joins WYLDE as Co-Owner

Usain Bolt is joining WYLDE as a co-owner of the esports team. This is the first step for the Olympian into the world of esports. He’s far from the first traditional sports player to get involved in competitive gaming though. In the past, football teams along with players like David Beckham have branched out into owning or being involved in esports teams.

Usain Bolt might just be stepping into the world of esports, but he’s a pretty big name in sprinting. The Jamaican Olympian holds numerous world records for sprinting and can probably be called the best sprinter of all time at the moment.

Usain Bolt will be joining the team as a co-owner, but apparently has some responsibilities too. He will be focusing on ‘elevating WYLDE’s brand’. What exactly this means in terms of what’s actually being done isn’t really clear. However, he’ll be taking a role at the organization.

About WYLDE Esports

WYLDE is an esports organizer that was founded in Ireland. They currently have teams established in a number of titles, stretching across genres in esports. WYLDE have active teams in Rainbow Six Siege, Valorant, Rocket League, and FIFA. They also currently have plans to expand out to even more countries. The current co-owners of the team have commented on Usain Bolt becoming another co-owner:

“WYLDE is on a journey to becoming one of the brands in the fastest growing sport in the world. In esports, like in track and field, it’s critical to have that competitive winning mentality. I look forward to working with the WYLDE leadership team to help our players to reach their potential, while also taking care of their physical and mental wellbeing.”

WYLDE aren’t quite at the peak of their respective games, but they are a fast-growing organization. With representation in so many different esports, they are definitely positioned well to be a part of the popularity of esports in any genre or game that has decent growth.

Usain Bolt joining WYLDE esports is another great sign of the growth of the industry. He’s far from the first competitor in traditional sports to get involved in gaming. However, that esports is bringing in more and more outside figures is definitely a positive sign and a good omen for the growth of esports.