Valorant Champions 2021 – Semi-finals Match Analysis

With the semi-finals approaching, the Valorant Champions is getting increasingly intense. Each of the teams currently in the semi-finals are guaranteed to finish with $90,000, with the victor taking home $350,000. The semifinals will continue in a Best of 3 format, with the grand finals taking place a day later being a Best of 5.

KRU VCT Champions 2021

Valorant Champions Semifinals Match predictions

Half of the current semi-finalists are teams from non major teams, Gambit Esports coming from CIS and KRU Esports from LATAM. This is extremely exciting for Valorant’s esports scene considering most other esports have competition dominated from teams from NA, EU, KR or CN.

Acend vs. Team Liquid

While Acend entered Champions as one of the stronger teams in the competition, little expected such strong dominance. Acend had defeated Team Envy 2-0 in the Group Stage, a major feat consider Envy recently finished 2nd place in the VCT Masters 3 Berlin. The team also took out Team Secret in the quarterfinals with decisive 2-0 victory. Similarly, Team Liquid established their dominance early on by finishing top of their group. While close, Team Liquid managed to take down Sentinels in a game 3 overtime, establishing their strength as a top competitor.

Odds: Acend 2.66 l Team Liquid 1.44

Betting tip: Medium bet on Acend. Acend have great odds considering a return of over 2.5. Acend have also proved themselves as more than worthy competition for Team Liquid, and may even be arguable favoured. Team Liquid’s heavy fan base in comparison to Acend has created a prime opportunity for those looking for a value bet.

Gambit Esports vs. Kru Esports

As the recent VCT Masters 3 Berlin champions, it is no surprise Gambit Esports have continued to carry their strong performance into Champions. Gambit topped Group C, later advancing to the quarterfinals and taking down X10 CRIT. While Gambit’s matches have been 2-1 victories, the team losing a map in each series, they have shown strong consistency which other teams lack. Kru Esports were the underdogs of their group, being placed in Group B, arguably the toughest group in the competition. While Kru Esports lost their initial group stage to Team liquid, the fought back strong, not only taking out FURIA Esports, but also knocking Sentinels out with their 2-1 victory in the decider match.

Odds: Gambit Esports 1.48 l Kru Esports 2.54

Betting tip: Large bet on Gambit Esports. Gambit remains highly consistent and the favorite to take out the competition. While Kru Esports have found some recent success in the international competition, they lack compared to a top team like Gambit.

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