Valorant Champions 2021 – Opening Match Predictions & Betting Odds

The first ever Valorant Champions is just about to kick off with the first set of opening matches starting on the 1st of December. The event will bring 16 teams from all over the world, a mix of well-known names and top domestics teams stepping into the international stage for the first time. While games are generally favored from teams from the major regions, there are a few instances where betting on the underdogs would be better due to their high odds.

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Valorant Champions 2021 Match Predictions


Group A

Acend vs. Keyd Stars

Acend had established themselves as one of the top Valorant teams from their first place finish in the 2021 VCT Europe Stage 1 Masters event. While the team stumbled in Stage 2, they have recovered some of their previous glory by finishing the Berlin Masters in the upper half of the competition. Acend may have lost their dominance earlier in the year, but they remain a strong team. Keyd Stars were a fairly inconspicuous team, but found quick success following their signing of a new roster in June. This allowed Keyd Stars to take first in the VCT Brazil Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs, finishing strongly with a 3-0 finish in the finals against Havan Liberty.

Acend is the overwhelming favorite odds wise, meaning we can only go against the grain hoping for an upset with a small bet.

Odds: Acend 1.11 | Keyd Stars 5.91
Betting Tip: Small bet on Keyd Stars due to their high odds and strong recent performance.

Team Envy vs. X10 CRIT

Team Envy are one of the top teams in North America despite not winning a Masters event. The team has consistently performed well, especially strong throughout the 2021 VCT Stage 2 and 3 periods. Most notably, Team Envy finished second place in the VCT Masters Berlin, above both 100 Thieves and Sentinels. X10 CRIT on the other hand have had extremely strong domestic success in Thailand, but have struggled in the international stage, finishing 7-8th in the VCT Stage 2 Reyjavik.

Odds: Team Envy 1.07 | X10 CRIT 7.38
Betting tip: Large bet on Team Envy to win 2:0 (x1.36), due to X10’s very weak showing on the international stage.

Group B

KRU Esports vs. Team Liquid

KRU Esports has dominated the Latin America scene for the past two stages, finishes first in all domestic VCT competition. Recently, they have also improved in the international stage, ending top half of the competition in the Stage 3 Berlin Masters. While Team Liquid are a strong team, even placing 4th place in the Stage 3 Reykjavik, Team Liquid have had inconsistent performances.

Odds: KRU Esports 6.55 | Team Liquid 1.09
Betting tip: Medium bet on KRU Esports. Team Liquid’s inconsistency may open a way for an already capable Kru Esports to take the win.

Sentinels vs. FURIA Esports

Sentinels are likely the most popular team in the Valorant scene due to their early, and sustained success. Sentinels have consistently dominated the North American Valorant scene, also proving themselves in the international stage with a decisive first place finish in the Stage 2 Masters Reykjavik. While Sentinels stumbled early on in the recent Masters in Berlin, they remain a top force that cannot be under estimated. FURIA Esports may be a top 2 team in Brazil, but only qualified for Champions through South America’s last chance qualifier, in a less dominant manner.

Odds: Sentinels 1.09 l FURIA Esports 6.55
Betting tip: Clean 2:0 for Sentinels at any bet amount.

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Group C

Team Vikings vs. Crazy Racoon

The battle between Team Vikings and Crazy Racoon will likely be a close one. Both the Vikings and Crazy Racoon had been the Stage 1 Masters champions of their respective regions. The two teams also competed in the Masters 2 Reykjavik, with Team Racoons making it an entire two rounds further in 5-6th place, compared to the Racoons who finished 9-10th.

Odds: Team Vikings 1.69 | Crazy Racoon 2.09.
Betting tip: Medium bet on Team Viking due to their good odds and better international performance in the past.

Gambit Esports vs. Team Secret

Gambit Esports being the recent champions from the VCT Stage 3 Masters in Berlin are the favorites to take out Champions. Gambit has consistently dominated their region and have proved themselves in the international stage, winning Masters Berlin in spectacular fashion with a 2-0 win against G2 in the semis and 3-0 domination against Team Envy. Team Secret, the former Bren Esports, while also similarly dominating domestic competition, have yet to prove themselves in the international stage.

Odds: Gambit Esports 1.03 l Team Secret 8.56
Betting tip: Medium bet on Gambit Esports to take this series 2:0.

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Group D

Vision Strikers vs. FULL SENSE

Vision Strikers have been recognized as one of the top Valorant teams globally, finishing first in almost every domestic VCT event to date. The team ended in the upper half of the Berlin Masters, unfortunately being cut short due to their run in with Gambit Esports in the quarterfinals, being the only team to take a map off Gambit in the playoffs stage. FULL SENSE have repeatedly finished as a top 3 team in Thailand’s VCT team, qualifying for Champions through the SEA last chance qualifiers.

Odds: Visions Strikers 1.17 l FULL SENSE 4.64
Betting tip: Large bet on Vision Strikers given their good odds, the Vision Strikers a top global team against FULL SENSE who were a LCQ qualifier.

Fnatic vs. Cloud 9

A battle between two big names in esports, Fnatic and Cloud 9. Fnatic had finished 2nd in the Masters 2 Reykjavik, however, have struggled in Stage 3 of competition. The team’s further poor performance in the recent second Red Bull Home Ground indicates further struggles for the team. Cloud 9 on the other hand, while over shadowed by two extremely strong North American teams, are also a strong force. Without being matched against SEN and ENVY, Cloud 9 easily secured first in both the NSG Summer Championship and the NA VCT last chance qualifier.
Odds: Fnatic 2.63 | Cloud 9 1.45
Betting tip: Medium bet on Cloud 9 due to their general strength and Fnatic’s recent slump

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