Valorant Spike Nations returns bigger and better in 2021

In just a short time, Valorant has built up an impressive competitive team with a vibrant scene of tournaments. One of 2020’s most fun events was the Valorant Spike Nations tournament. This event is for charity, and it works a bit differently from your standard tournament. It’s back in 2021, once again dividing the best players into new teams to go up against each other. This is what you need to know about the Valorant Spike Nations 2021 Tournament, and how it is going to work.

Valorant Spike Nations 2021

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Valorant Spike Nations 2021

Valorant Spike Nations is quickly becoming a premier events for Valorant. The tournament is named Nations as it drafts teams into the role of entire nations, being something of a world cup format for the game. However, this is a tournament mainly played for charity rather than as a main event. The prize pool for charity is €60,000. However, there are going to be more opportunities for teams to raise money depending on their performance. The 2020 version of the event was pretty well received, so the Valorant Spike Nations 2021 cup should be fun to watch.

The tournament doesn’t have all of the details unveiled yet, but we do know quite a bit. This is how it’s going to work:

  • It’s going to be a three-day event, taking place from October 7th through to the 9th.
  • 12 teams are going to be taking part, each representing a different nation or region.
  • Teams will be raising more money for charities throughout the tournament. That’s along with trying to achieve the top spot in the tournament.
  • The tournament begins with a group stage of three groups of four.
  • The top two teams of each of these groups move through to the Knockout stage of the tournament.
  • Knockout stage will whittle these squads down to the very best in attendance.

This event is going to be featuring Valorant’s newest map, Fracture. It is going to be fun to see the top players competing somewhere entirely new.  The tournament’s exact details in terms of mechanics and format aren’t going to be revealed until closer to the event, however.

The Teams

The Valorant Spike Nations tournament isn’t featuring a standard set of squads in its roster. Instead, teams are competing in nations and regional teams. This is what the teams are:

  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • France
  • Portugal
  • Nordics
  • Poland
  • Turkey
  • CIS
  • Italy
  • DACH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland)
  • Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg)
  • Eastern Europe

We don’t know which players are going to be part of which squad this time around. We’ll have to wait for the event to get closer to figure out that. However, it is safe to say that players from the top teams in EMEA regions will be competing.

Do not be surprised if several countries feature all-pro teams. Either CIS or Turkey region might be represented by a full roster of players competing in the VCT. We dont quite know what Riot’s rules are for selecting the rosters.

Last year around Team Portugal came in first for the tournament. The squad was Darkzone, K0mpa, MeetTheMyth, TugaTV, Turlin Nole. They beat out Team United Kingdom in the final, who has a team consisting of ConnorBall, Flights, Kirbz, ONSCREEN, and SoMarcus. We can probably expect some of these players to come back this time around, and both Portugal and the UK are going to be teams to watch.

The Valorant Spike Nations tournament is definitely going to be a highlight of the next few weeks, especially for Valorant betting. Check-in closer to the time to get a better idea of the teams that are going to be up.