Cheer for your country and region at Valorant Spike Nations today

Valorant is still a pretty new game but it has already attracted a big following. There are already loads of major Valorant teams in operation, and the Valorant Spike Nations tournament is going to bring some of the best players from these teams together. The tournaments is being competed in by teams from several Europeans nations. There is a $100,000 prize pool, with the winning team choosing the charity that the money gets donated to.

So far, Valorant has had some high profile events like the Ignition Series and First Strike. We’ve already seen some teams push out in front of the crowd when it comes to skill and strategy. This newest Valorant tournament however, will be a great opportunity to see which National teams in Europe are going to be contenders in the next year.

Valorant Spike Nations Tournament

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Valorant Spike Nations Tournament

The Valorant Spike Nations tournament is an event taking place between teams representing European nations. It is going to be held over the course of a few days. Since this is a limited invitational the action is taking place in quite a concise format. This is how it is going to work

  • Group Stages – The group stages of the event are taking place over two days. Two groups of five are going to be competing sedately. The top two teams who win in a best of 1 match will move on to the playoffs.
  • Playoffs – The top 4 teams from the group stages of the Valorant Spike Nations event compete in a single elimination bracket. The semi-finals are going to be played in a best of 1 format, the same as the group stages. The grand finals will be played as a best of 3 instead.

All of the action is packed in three days of play. The top teams are going to be competing in short and decisive best of one matches. Only the Playoffs will be best-of series meaning, there is little room for error here.

Valorant Spike Nations Tournament Rosters

The Valorant Spike Nations tournament roster is comprised of 10 European nations, featuring some known and not so known players.

  • Spain – HITBOX, Leviathan, PoPiFresH, Horcus, and Black.
  • France – Jbzz, Bazy, HyP, ZeratoR, and Skyyart.
  • Poland – Lothar, saaju, xype, faminaMeow, and AL3XANDRAS.
  • Turkey – Wtc, LEGOO, kerimhan, Rip, and Rogu.
  • Italy – Tefrenas, Manuelito, Stermy, EduCoz, and Sparker.
  • Dach – TrilluZe, Kalle, nookyyy, rAx, and Sola.
  • Portugal – MeetTheMyth, Darkzone, Tuga, Turlin Nole, and K0mpa.
  • UK – ONSCREEN, Connor Bail. SoMarcus, and Flights. There is one player to be confirmed here.
  • Nordiccs – AvarageJonas, Orb, Abnomaly, Peak, and Noizeeh.
  • CIS – Exileshow, Buster, 7ssk7, 1mpala, and gamelifeow


You can catch the Valorant Spike Nations tournament at these dates:

  • Friday 6 November – Day 1, all group A matches will be players.
  • Saturday 7 November – Day 2, all group B matches will be played.
  • Sunday 8 November – Day 3 is the playoffs, where the top teams from the last two days compete.

That’s about everything due to play out at the Valorant Spike Nations Tournaments. It’s one of the first BLAST Valorant events to date, and a must watch for those looking to watch fun match modes being played paired with international competition.

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