Valorant Evolution Patch 7.0: Deadlock, TDM, and Revamped Progression

Valorant Patch 7.0 has arrived with a bang, introducing a plethora of changes that are set to redefine the gaming experience.

The most notable addition is Deadlock, the newest agent to join the Valorant roster. Alongside Deadlock, the patch brings a new game mode, Team Deathmatch, and a revamped progression system, all of which are expected to significantly enhance the game’s dynamics.

The patch also marks the beginning of Episode 7, Act 1.

valorant evolution

Source: PlayValorant

New Features, Revamps & General Game Improvements

Team Deathmatch, the latest addition to the game modes, is designed to serve as an ideal warm-up before ranked play. The new progression system, which replaces Contracts, is expected to be a welcome change for both new and returning players. The daily “play a game” reward is designed to keep players engaged with the game on a daily basis.

The patch also introduces a new feature, Daily Rewards, which recognizes player engagement with daily rewards. Every day that players participate in matches, they will earn progress on a Checkpoint Track. Each checkpoint on the track yields quantities of XP and the new in-game currency, Kingdom Credits. All game modes, except for Deathmatch, contribute towards Daily Rewards.

Kingdom Credits can be used to purchase accessories, Agents, and Agent Gear. The Agent Store streamlines the Agent acquisition process, offering players the option to unlock an Agent with Kingdom Credits, in addition to VP or Recruitment Tokens. Each new Agent will have their own Agent Recruitment Event when they are launched.

The patch also addresses several bugs and issues, improving the overall gaming experience. For instance, it fixes an issue where the Spray Wheel was not appearing in-game when there was packet loss during load in. It also resolves a bug that allowed purchases outside of a player’s account region.

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