Fnatic or NAVI, who gets to be king? – VCT LOCK//IN Semifinals

VCT LOCK//IN is itching slowly toward the Grand Final, and we’re seeing an increase of hype and anticipation about who the two finalists are. After an energetic single elimination process, there are now four teams remaining.

In the alpha bracket we’re seeing both Brazil’s LOUD and the South Korean team DRX enter the Semifinals. In the Omega bracket there are two of the top EMEA teams: NAVI and Fnatic.

NAvi Valorant Lock iN

Source: Natus Vincere // Valorant

Setting Expectations – VCT LOCK//IN Semifinals

It’s fairly obvious that we are getting one EMEA team in the Finals. Regardless of it being Fnatic or Natus Vincere, either team will enter the Grand Final as the heavy favorite. Fnatic faced traditional opponents in Sentinels, FURIA Esports and 100 Thieves without breaking a sweat. The closest to a struggle they got was vs FURIA Esports in their first match during overtime. NAVI also crushed the scene, bringing down KRÜ Esports, Team Secret and Leviatán.

Either the Americas scene is garbage, or EMEA teams are too damn strong.

On the other side of the bracket, LOUD has had a pretty smooth sail during the event, finishing their first two matchups with an impressive score of 2:0 without too much trouble. NRG managed to make LOUD sweat during their second match but LOUD quickly turned the scales around in the third and final match with a 13-3 score.

DRX has not had the same fortune as the other teams remaining. While they did manage to outperform their previous competitors, they were pushed to their limit and luckily managed to pull it off in the end.

We are looking at a bracket where on one side, two semifinalists (FNC, NAVI) both had an extraordinary performance. Neither team have gone to a third map in their run to the semifinals thus far. On the other side, we had teams that are formidable but struggled quite a bit.

Overall, this looks like a done deal for EMEA by the end of it. Likely against the home town team in the final.

VCT LOCK//IN Semifinals are set to begin on March 2nd. Considering what’s at stake for the teams, there is no question that the Semifinals are going to be a banger.

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