Is Valorant Dying? – Who is the biggest threat to VALORANT in 2024?

There is no denying the fact that we all know what Valorant is. With the game’s release back in summer of 2020, Valorant became insanely popular and has only grown in popularity ever since.

Nowadays, it is arguably one of the leading FPS titles in terms of immediate success and high viewership counts.

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Now, some people are still skeptical of whether such popularity can be sustained long-term, with the mindset that no game lasts forever, asking: Is Valorant dying?

To answer that question, we need to get into the nitty gritty details of Valorant’s overall performance over the years, addressing the stats and player’s concerns.

We have gone over several tracking sites and looked at the numbers and can give you an overview of how VALORANT is performing right now both in player count and active viewership.

Is Valorant Dying?

The short answer is: DEFINITELY NOT.

It’s no secret that Valorant’s player base has had some concerns from time to time, mostly regarding the common adjustments and nerfs to popular agents, as well as the debate about the toxic community. To be fair, those are all things that come with every competitive multiplayer game, especially a popular tactical shooter like Valorant.

In terms of toxicity and unwanted behaviours with chat and voice comms, Riot has had a healthy progress in that area. Riot has implemented the “Muted Word List” and improved on the impact of consistent Player Feedback. Harsher punishments, real time text moderation and improvements to existing voice moderation are all things that have led to players expressing an overall better experience with the game.

After the nerf to Chamber at the end of 2022 (one of the most popular Agents at the time), we’ve seen a great drop in viewership and player count. That was mostly due to the outrage on social media, after Pro Chamber mains, such as Could9 Yay, started shifting to other Agents.

Nevertheless, this had no long-lasting effect on Valorant whatsoever, quickly picking up the pace and increasing their numbers and becoming bigger than ever.

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What is VALORANT’s secret?

As with all games, Valorant has its ups and downs, but it’s safe to say that the devs know what they’re doing, at least so far. There are many things that affect a game’s success and overall performance. Perhaps the most important one being content and consistent updates to the game.

Valorant has it all:

  • Consistent updates, adjustments to both Maps and Agents.
  • Expanding the Agent pool every now and then; new Agent releases with their own unique abilities that push the game’s limits and shift the playstyle.
  • New modes such as Swiftplay and the new Valorant Premier Mode
  • Frequent and exciting tournaments
  • New and fresh skin drops
  • Battlepasses

These are all things that can make a difference between a decent game and a great game. So far, Valorant has kept up with its community and their needs, listening to feedback and making sure to introduce new and exciting things more frequently than not. It remains at the very top in regards to viewer count, averaging around 150,000 consistent viewers overall on Twitch.

In conclusion, the answer to: “Is Valorant Dying?” is NO.

You can put your mind at ease and rest assured that Valorant is not going anywhere, at least not in the near future. Even with Counter-Strike 2 info floating around, Valorant is still pulling stable or growing numbers month over month.

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