Beware KCorp’s Valorant team, the new dark horse in EMEA VCT

We start the new year with a rolling breakdown of all teams heading into this seasons’ VCT Tour. First up, we have the ultimate dark horse in the competition, KCorp.

Karmine Corp, also going by the abbreviation KCorp, only ventured into the professional Valorant esports scene in May 2022. The team had mixed results, securing top 4 in the 2022 VRL Fance Revolution Stage 2 event before stumbling with a bottom half finish in the following VRL Revolution – Coupe De France.

Players from the original Karmine Corp line up were then benched and allowed to look for new offers as the team sought to bring on new talent to change their fortunes.

Kcorp Valorant

KCorp built a new European superteam

In a surprise move, KCorp signed veteran former CS:GO superstar and core member of Team Liquid’s Valorant squad, ScreaM. ScreaM had been signed by KCorp as their star player to not only carry his team with his experience competing against top teams, but shape and develop the budding team.

This gave the team confidence to retain two members of their original squad, Shin and Newzera. Filling the other two spots, the team opted to sign Nivera, ScreaM’s teammate from Team Liquid, and former CS:GO pro xms.

The team will heavily rely on ScreaM’s ability to build and mentor less experienced members in the squad as he did with Team Liquid back in 2020. Since signing ScreaM, Team Liquid have constantly been one of Europe’s top teams, recently placing top 8 in the 2022 Valorant Champions.

Going into VCT Kick-off next month, KCorp is suddenly one of the teams to watch closely as the ultimate Dark Horse.

Why was KCorp accepted to VCT?

Despite KCorp competing for such a short period in the Valorant scene, they are a prominent esports organization with a strong fan base in other major games. In particular, KCorp’s strong fan base had been a primary factor in the explosive growth of the League of Legends LFL, with matches in the recent the 2022 Summer split topping 100,000 viewers.

While everyone was hoping to see the organization in Europe’s League of Legends LEC, for now, fans have to “settle” with a franchisee spot in Valorant.

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