Valorant Ignition Series weekend in Europe and North America

Two tournaments part of the Ignition series are just right around the corner. Both tournaments will be a focal point in their respective regions considering no other relevant events will span across the same time. Lvl 2 Clash and Pop Flash are the European and North American main event for this week in the Ignition Series.

Will G2 finally lose in Europe? Who are the true NA kings, Sentinels or TSM? Many questions arise coming into this week of competitive Valorant.

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Pop Flash

The Pop Flash is a North American event consisting of eight invited teams. Being an A-tier event, the Pop Flash will have a decent $50,000 prize pool shared across the top four teams. This event features a collection of some of the biggest names in Valorant’s NA scene.

The list of participants is as follows: Cloud 9, Dignitas, Gen G, Team SoloMid, T1, Sentinels, Team Envy and Immortals. They’ve been divided in two groups of four and will compete in GSL Groups brackets before moving into a four team Playoffs bracket.

The round one matches already kicked off with some serious upsets. The newly formed squad of Dignitas managed to clean sweep TSM and send them towards elimination. The same happend to Gen.G who struggled heavily with Cloud9 and ultimately lost the series.

Now TSM and Gen.G will decide in a duel who gets to leave Pop Flash first, while C9 and Dignitas will battle for the playoffs spot from Group A. Based on what we saw yesterday, its more then likely Dignitas makes it out of Groups cleanly. TSM on the other hand, might still pull through but they have to win the next 2 matches to salvage their tournament run.

Lvl 2 Clash

On the other side of the pond, Lvl 2 Clash is the European Ignition Series tournament featuring 16 teams from across the region. The prize pool is currently set at €15,000, roughly equivalent to $17,750. Participants in the Lvl 2 Clash consists of both big names, and up and coming teams in the developing EU Valorant scene. The groups are divided as follows:

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Based on the group division we can see that the strongest teams are likely meeting all the way in playoffs. There is some contention in groups A and C. NiP and Giants will have a tough fight for first in Group A, while in Group C, G2 gets an earily challenger in BIG. Groups B and D should easily have Team Liquid and FPX come on top.

Last week we asked “Will G2 Esports finally lose at Lvl Clash 2?” and based on the group division we might need to wait until playoffs to find out.

The playoffs in both tournaments will be held this weekend. You can follow the action at Flashpoint and LvLGlobal for each event. Those interested in Valorant Betting can find odds at various bookmakers who have already started listing Valorant in their selection.

Your safe bets are G2 in Europe and Sentinels in North America.

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