Valorant Ranks and Ranked play

The Valorant beta has been out well over a month now. For almost half of that time, Competitive matchmaking has been activated on the NA and EU servers. We’ve already played well over 300 matches, and it is about time we break down ranked play and the Valorant Ranks system. From basic information about the ranked system, to tips and tricks about how best to tackle competitive matchmaking. We will attempt to cover all essential information for your path to Valorant.

Valorant Ranks and Ranked Play

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Valorant Ranks

The Valorant Competitive matchmaking went live in North America and Europe on May 1st. Korea, Brazil and LATAM will enable their Ranked Queues today (May 15th). These queues will end on May 19 at the same time they start in order to evaluate server stability in these regions.

The Ranked system consists of 8 tiers subdivided into 3 ranks per tier, except for the highest rank Valorant. The lowest rank is Iron then Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal and of course Valorant. League of Legends players will be used to this subdivision, as its similar to the ranks in League.

In order to receive your Valorant rank, you will need to play at least 25 games. 20 of which are unranted and aimed towards a player learning the game, and an additional 5 placement games to determine your rank.

Valorant Ranks and Ranked Play

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Most players can expect to be placed between Iron and Silver after completing their placements. Some exceptionally good performers can be placed in Gold and Platinum, but this would entail you are playing with a full squad of friends and won almost every single game through your placement period.

Valorant Matchmaking

There is some words to be said about the Valorant matchmaking system. Riot has tried heavily to fix issues like peekers advantage, desync and keeping the latency between players equal.

When it comes to Ranked matchmaking they do have some sort of figuring out how to match players of similar skill level, although in our experience, its not really working well. Sometimes player skill at same or similar ranks is massively unbalanced. We do know, that’s what Beta testing is for, but Riot definitely has to tune their matchmaking system.

Finally, Europe is facing a common issue when it comes to server division. In League of Legends there are separate servers for Russia and Turkey. In Valorant however, there is a good chance you will be matched on Turkish or Russian servers and as a result lose your mind if you don’t speak the language.

The levels of toxicity and bigotry in some matches reaches insane heights, yet Riot thinks that’s OK as long as the latency is low enough and queue times are low. We do honestly hope a solution will be found when the game goes live.

This last issue, was we believe purely a European problem, as other servers do have a semblance of hegemony.

Soloqueue or 5 stack

Riot has also made it definitive how they feel about Solo Play versus playing with friends. Apparently, Valorant is meant mostly for playing with friends. Pure soloqueue, meaning you get matched only with players that have soloqueued as well, is just not part of the equation.

According to Riot’s latest /dev post: “Having a solo queue can easily lead to that becoming the definitive test of someone’s skills and the primary way to play competitively. We’ve opted instead to allow players to play at any team size they prefer. We also think it’s valuable for players to search for good teammates now for competitive play, so when higher-stakes competition becomes available, they already have teammates they can rely on.”

Now it is generally better to have a squad of players that you regularly play with and prep tacs with. There is however a subset of players that truly cherish playing with 4 random players versus another 5 random players. In this scenario, its someones own individual skill that will determine the match outcome and that’s what playing competitive is all about for them. Will Valorant ever move a single queueing pool to multiple queues similar to League of Legends ranked play remains to be seen.

If you plan to advance anywhere past Platinum or Diamond in ranked play, its highly suggested you play with a 5 stack. This means get four friends and play as a unit throughout your “Ranked career”. Else you might get stuck in an endless grind where you are carrying your team, but the enemy 5 stack is just that better coordinated then your randoms squad.

5 tips that will instantly improve your Valorant Rank

There is probably a thousand tips we can give out and you will still be in Iron 1. Yet, if you follow at least some of these tips you are more likely to perform better in certain situations.

So here goes..

  1. Communication is key. Learn the call-outs and get comfortable using a microphone.
  2. Always practice at the Shooting Range before starting your daily matches.
  3. Use the mini-map. Valorant has a lot of information packed in your top left-hand corner.
  4. Sound is important, learn how far your footsteps sound travels and where sound queues originate.
  5. Watch a Valorant Stream or Youtube Videos.

In the end, remember that competitive play is only being tested currently. Worry more about your rank come summer, not now.

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