VCT Masters Shanghai 2024 Power Rankings

Are you looking for the ultimate VCT Masters Shangai power rankings? If so, then you have come to the right place. As the event is about to start, we have put together our VCT Masters Shanghai 2024 power rankings. Find out where we ranked your favorite team below.

VCT Shanghai power rankings

Image credits: Riot Games

1. Paper Rex
2. Fnatic
3. 100 Thieves
4. Gen.G
5. FUT Esports
6. Team Heretics
7. EDG
8. Leviatán
9. G2 Esports
10. T1
11. FPX
12. Dragon Ranger Gaming

Masters Shanghai Favorites

There is only one place to start: Paper Rex.

After failing to win VCT Kickoff, Paper Rex returned to the top of the Pacific mountain, defeating Gen.G in a thrilling five-game series to lock the first seed heading into Shanghai. Paper Rex has come close many times throughout their history in competitive VALORANT, will this be the time they finally hoist an international trophy?

If there ever was a team that could turn it on with the flick of a switch, it’s Fnatic. The team was expected to dominate in 2024 but did not even make VCT Masters Madrid. Fortunately for their fans, Fnatic turned it on when it mattered most. Despite a less-than-desirable showing in the group stage for Stage 1, they came alive in the playoffs and found themselves again.

From undesirable to undeniable. 100 Thieves is back, for real, this time. The addition of Boostio and the restructuring of their coaching staff saw 100T reach new heights, winning the Stage 1 playoffs against G2 Esports in a dominant 3-0 sweep. When 100 Thieves built this core in 2023, many had predicted them to go to the very top. That wasn’t the case, as they failed to make a single international event. All they needed was a spark to ignite the first that was clearly there, but how far can they go?

VCT Shanghai Power Rankings: Underdogs

VCT Masters Shanghai

Image Credit: Riot Games

Everyone loves a good underdog story. Despite being one of the best teams in EMEA, Team Heretics will face an uphill battle as they will not have their full roster for Masters Shanghai. Player wellbeing is valued above all, and Heretics see this no differently. They have decided to let Miniboo take a break from competing at this event after showing signs of burnout, anxiety, and overall exhaustion.

Given the strength of this roster, it is incredible to see Leviatán classed as an underdog. As with most superteams, they don’t often win it all. This was the case with Leviatán, a roster expected to wipe the floor with the competition but left wanting more.

LEV finished third in the Americas league, losing to G2 Esports in a closely contested five-game series. There is no denying they have the talent to achieve more, but they have yet to show it despite qualifying for Shanghai. Which is why Leviatán cannot be placed higher than eighth in our power rankings.

China’s EDward Gaming is a team in need of a comeback story. EDG failed to make it out of the Swiss stage at Masters Madrid, although one could argue they had the toughest route, considering they faced three of the top four teams at the tournament.

China is slowly building towards being a contender; it may not be this tournament or the next, but it is gradually catching up to the rest of the world. This is the opportunity for EDG to put a stamp before their home crowd. EDG comfortably took home the VCT China trophy, defeating FPX in the grand-final 3-1.

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