GAM & Cerberus Esports finally clash – VCS Winter Week 4 Predictions

The VCS Winter Season is entering the most important stage. We’ll take a look at the standings so far and make some predictions for the most interesting matches for this week!

CES VCS Winter 2021

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VCS Winter’s split until Week 4

We saw a lot of action in week 3, as one team already locked its place in the VCS Winter Playoffs. Cerberus Esports is dominating the competition, winning all the series. (they are currently 11-0, considering week 4’s games until today). The squad is definitely looking as the team to beat and we expect them to continue this trend until the very end.

The real test, however, is right around the corner: in week 4, CES will be going up against second-place GAM Esports, who also locked their place in playoffs this week. Despite a rough start to the split, GAM has been improving and fixing their issues throughout the last 2 weeks. These two teams are a tier above everyone so their head-to-head will tell us more about how the top teams are compared to each other.

Below are the standings so far until today:

  1. CERBERUS Esports | 11 – 0
  2. GAM Esports | 9 – 2
  3. Luxury Esports | 7 – 3
  4. Saigon Buffalo |  5 – 5
  5. SBTC Esports | 4 – 6
  6. Burst The Sky Esports | 3 – 6
  7. Team Secret | 2 – 8
  8. Team Flash | 0 – 11

VCS Winter Week 4 Predictions

Team Secret vs SBTC Esports

Before looking at the VCS Winter Match of Week 4, there’s also another interesting match for your bets. The match itself is not that relevant in terms of results, as both teams sit in the lower part of the standings and will likely not make playoffs, but the odds are very good. Both Team Secret and SBTC Esports have been performing poorly compared to their expectations since the two teams finished 4th & 5th respectively the last split. Nonetheless, I think that this match will be closer than expected.

Team Secret heavily relies on its jungler DNK to be the main enabler for his team. Not only get gets resources for himself, but he also makes sure his ADC Eddie has the time to scale and ramp up in damage towards the later stages of the game. The problem with TS is that they fall behind far too often early game, mainly due to individual errors.

On the other hand, SBTC Esports plays top side, giving a lot of attention to NPer to make sure he can carry the game. Most of the time, though, NPer needs to scale, and SE is punished in the meanwhile on the rest of the map. Jungler Penguin will have to be an important key to SE’s victory: if he can keep up with DNK then SE will have an easier time.

With that being said, below are the best bets for this match:

    • Match Winner: SBTC Esports (1.68x)
    • First Blood: Team Secret (1.99x)
    • First Tower: Team Secret (2.02x)
    • Total kills: Over 29.5 (1.67x)

Cerberus Esports vs GAM Esports

As we previously mentioned, this is the most awaited match of the split. It will be indicative of both teams’ level, and ultimately understand if CES is the undisputed number 1 of this split. GAM, on the other hand, still hopes to fight for the top spot in the split.

On paper, these two teams played in two completely different ways. GAM plays with a jungle-top carry duo in Levi and Kiaya. Levi is still the number 1 jungler in the VCS and his performance will influence greatly the flow of the series, more than anyone. CES, instead, loves playing through their ADC Artemis, who has shown an insane carry potential throughout the tournament.

The series will be very close, and I think the draft will play a very important role in the series. We need to remember that VCS is played on 11.23, with the pre-season changes, and I personally think that the bot lane has a much higher impact. This is because hyper carries are coming back, and having Artemis as a marksman is a guarantee. For this reason, my prediction will go to Cerberus Esports. (1.83x) Other bets you can consider making for this series are:

    • First Dragon: GAM Esports (1.78x)
    • First Turret: Cerberus Esports (1.84x)
    • Race to 10 kills: Cerberus Esports (1.87x)
    • Total kills: over 30.5 (1.67x)
    • Map 1 Winner: Cerberus Esports (1.84x)
    • Map 2 Winner: GAM Esports (1.9x)