VCT Last Chance Qualifiers – Weekend clash between powerhouses

The competition at the VCT Last Chance Qualifiers has only gotten more intense as the finals approach. Teams that win the last chance qualifier tournaments in each region will get a direct qualification to the Valorant Champions, the biggest event of the year in this title. Champions will see 16 of the top teams globally battling it out to the named Valorant’s best team.

Before all that, four regions run a bracket tournament to decide the last finalist from their region into the main event. At this stage, only three regions are actively playing with the North American tournament put on hold indefinitely.

VCT Last Chance Qualifier

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North America LCQ suspended

Riot has officially announced the North American Last Chance Qualifier will be put on hold until further notice. This follows an issue regarding the Faze vs Rise match, where two Faze players had initially tested positive for Covid-19 (false positives), preventing the whole Faze team from playing on stage. Riot then asked Faze to play from their home, while players on Rise would continue to play on stage. This led to the players on Rise protesting, refusing to play until a fair resolution was reached. Note, this follows huge NA LCQ LAN server issues and claims of suboptimal equipment being used on stage.

Similar to VCT matches earlier in 2021, Riot have stated they are working on transitioning the remainder of the North American Last Chance Qualifier to an online event to prevent any such issues.

VCT Last Chance Qualifiers EMEA / South America

Our selection for today’s predictions consists of four matches, two in each region. European Valorant powerhouses G2 Esports and Team Liquid are playing the most interesting series of the lot with a slot for the finals on the line. The loser will still get a chance to bounce back through the losers bracket, and I predict we are going to see a G2 vs TL final regardless of the result here.

Meanwhile, both Turkish representatives fight a battle for regional dominance and their tournament lives in the second match. Based on what we’ve seen this season, SMB are the hard favorites, but things might chance quickly out of their favor.

G2 Esports vs. Team Liquid

As expected, G2 Esports will meet Team Liquid in the Upper bracket finals. The two teams share deep rivalries across multiple games, including Valorant. G2 Esports and Team Liquid are the favourites to take out the EMEA LCQ, with the loser likely dropping to the lower bracket and meeting the winner in the Grand Finals to compete for Champions.

Odds: G2 Esports 1.83 : Team Liquid 1.83
Prediction: G2 Esports 59% l Team Liquid 41%

Futbolist vs. SuperMassive Blaze

Futbolist had been a top Turkish team earlier in the year, with firm victories over their competition. However, they stumbled in the EMEA Stage 2 Challenger Finals, and soon even lost their top spot in the Turkish league. SuperMassive Blaze on the other hand, while only a new team only founded in mid 2021, quickly replaced Futbolist as the number one team in Turkey, even placing top 2 in the EMEA Stage 3 Challenger Playoffs. While the two teams come from the Turkish League, SuperMassive Blaze’s success in EMEA and participation in the Berlin Masters demonstrates they are a world class team that will triumph over Futbolist.

Odds: Futbolist 2.37 : SuperMassive Blaze 1.53
Prediction: Futbolist 25% l Super Massive Blaze 75%

Over in South America, two bo3 series will decide the finalists, with up and coming Autrals squad looking the best in the competition thus far. With a region so flip-floppy in nature, expect three game series in both duels.

Australs vs. Havan Liberty

A battle between two top teams of their respective regions, Australs verses Havan Liberty. Australs topped Group A in the SA LCQ 2-0, however, games were extremely close, with the team likely failing to advance to the semi-finals if it were not for a few key crucial moments. As Havan Liberty dropped a game against Gamelanders Blue in Group B, they were forced to play a deciders match, which they closely won through a 32 game overtime. Given the unpredictability of the two teams, the best bet would simply be on the team with the highest odds.

Odds: Australs 1.72 : Havan Liberty 2:00
Prediction: Australs 40% : Havan Liberty 60%

Gamelanders Blue vs. FURIA Esports

Gamelanders Blue were one of the top teams in the Brazilian VCT scene, with multiple first place finishes. However, the team struggled when it mattered most, facing early defeats in the Stage 2 Challenger finals and Stage 3 Challenger playoffs. FURIA Esports on the other hand, have been widely consistent, with top 4 finishes in almost event they have participated in. While Gamelanders would previously hold an advantage and hence have lower odds, FURIA would be a better pick due to their consistency and higher odds.

Odds: Gamelanders 2.00 : FURIA Esports 1.72
Prediction: Gamelanders: 57% : FURIA Esports 43%