G2 and DRX looking hot for Round 2 – VCT 2022 Masters Reykjavík

Action continues in the biggest Valorant tournament this spring. After the end of the group stage in Masters Reykjavík, the teams that made it to the Playoffs completed their first round. While some first seed teams did not get what they wanted, Brazilian representative LOUD managed to overcome the first hurdle.

After the matches played, the upper-bracket semi-finals and the lower-bracket first round were also announced. Let’s take a look at these pairings.

VCT Masters Reykjavik Playoffs Bracket


G2 Esports – LOUD

LOUD, named as the super team of Brazil, participated in the VCT 2022 Masters Reykjavik with all the support it got behind it. Starting the tournament in the playoffs with the advantage of being the first seed, the team first faced Team Liquid. After the close encounters, the Brazilian team managed to beat their opponent 2-1 and went to the next round.

On the other hand, G2 Esports came here as EMEA’s first team due to FPX’s not being able to participate in the event. Fighting against a relatively weak opponent, ZETA DIVISION, in the first match, the team won the series 2-0 as predicted and became the opponent of LOUD.

There is no doubt that the struggle of two close teams in terms of strength will be very enjoyable. Whose day it is will be very important and at the end of the fight, individual talents will come to the fore. In this match both teams come as equals, but G2 Esports has a bit more talent on their lineup in pure mechanical skill.

DRX – OpTic Gaming

Korean representative DRX continues to maintain its strong performance. After a great start to the group stage, the team that made it to the playoffs as the winner of Group A defeated Paper Rex and advanced to the upper-bracket semi-finals. The team, which was strong in theory, showed that it was also strong in aim.

OpTic Gaming, on the other hand, managed to recover after a shaky start to the tournament. Although it was difficult, the North American representative, who passed the group stage, became the rival of DRX by knocking out the winner of his own region, The Guard.

Although not a weak team in the playoffs, DRX is one step ahead due to its performance in this matchup. And in the case of the favorite of the match.

Optic Valorant

Resilience | #OpTicVALORANT


The two teams that had their first defeat in the playoffs are facing each other. Team Liquid from EMEA will try to survive against Japanese team ZETA DIVISION. Performing much better than expected, ZETA can come out of this fight as a winner if they give their all.

Team Liquid seem to have taken the chance given to them very well. The team looks much better than it did in the ‘EMEA’ league and they seem well prepared against their international rivals. However, these preparations were not enough to topple LOUD and now they are after a miracle. No more undefeated team, they are big favorites against ZETA DIVISION. However, we often see surprises in VALORANT.

Paper Rex – The Guard

The APAC team, Paper Rex, lost their first match of the tournament. Although they started the game well, they couldn’t keep control for the rest of the series and were relegated to the lower-bracket. Now their rivals are the best team in North America, The Guard. If they lose this match as well, they will be eliminated from the tournament.

On the other hand, The Guard could not give what was expected as of the first match. The team that faced OpTic lost 2-1 from the series and found itself in the lower-bracket. Before the tournament started, most people saw The Guard among the cup contenders, but this defeat put them in a very difficult position. A possible defeat to Paper Rex will push them out of the event. Keep in mind, Paper Rex is quite adept at surprising their opponents with aggressive play. If Guard cannot overcome this deception, it may return to its home country early.

VCT 2022 Masters Reykjavik matches, which we have mentioned above, will be played on April 16-17 and will be broadcast live.