VCT Masters Reykjavik Opening Round Match Predictions

Valorant’s first international LAN major is now close approaching. This event is something new for the game, as its first international LAN event. The top teams are going to be competing straight against each other. However, since this is the first time an international LAN has been held, it can be tricky to predict the initial outcomes. Most of these teams are champions domestically, but have never gone up against each other over LAN before this event.

Looking at team’s past performance, and how their comps perform in the metagame, these are my predictions for the event and Valorant betting in general.

Sentinels, Fnatic & Liquid are the Top Teams to Watch

The VCT is featuring teams that don’t typically play against each other. However, there are some that are looking particularly strong going into the event. Our Masters Reykjavik Power Rankings contain all the information about each team and how we rate them against each other. Based on them, three teams should be priority watch for anyone seeking to figure out how competitive play differs from your regular Ranked Play.

The Sentinels are an all-star cast of players that have racked up the most titles and victories in North America. They’ve won four series in the VCT. While they’ve had some roster changes, they’re definitely a good team to call on when looking at this event. One thing that was working against Sentinels is roster changes. However, all in all, the new additions to their roster have proven their worth being in the running at this event. TenZ is hardly a poor replacement, and he might be an important part of this roster at the VCT. Sentinels typically use relatively simple compositions, having used only 10 across the entire second stage of the VCT.

Fnatic might not have the same name recognition of the Sentinels roster. But if you look back at fish134, where the roster originally came from, you can get the same parity as if you are looking at Sentinels.  They’ve now proven themselves to be early powerhouses in Valorant, and showed very weaknesses leading into the event.

Finally, Team Liquid took down Fnatic in the finals of the VCT 2021: EMEA Stage 2 Challengers. This positions them as the best team of the EU going into the VCT Masters Reykjavik. Their face-off with Sentinels might be the most anticipated match of the entire event. So it’s a match-up you should watch out for as the bracket closes up. They have had some changes in their roster, but they still look like one of the best teams at the tournament.

VCT Masters Reykjavik Match Predictions

Those are the main teams to keep an eye out for in the VCT Masters Predictions. However, what about the individual match-ups? Looking at the odds for the first wave of matches and the team’s prior performance, you can make some predictions here.

  • Fnatic – KRU
  • Crazy Raccoon – Version1
  • X10 Esports – Team Vikings
  • Sharks Esports – NUTURN Gaming

Barring the X10 and NUTURN matches, the other two matches have a clear favorite and the odds clearly reflect it. Overall you are looking at a potential ten-fold (x10) return on your investment if you create the following accumulator betslip over at GG.BET. The bulk of the odds are mainly carried by X10 esports, which is also a solid option for a singles bet.

Sentinels and Team Liquid aren’t entering the bracket until the winners from the first two games are released. However, both are fairly good guesses for their games in that second round. If you‘re looking at esports betting, make sure you keep up to date with all of the games online too.