Viggomopsen wins Red Bull Solo Q 1v1 World Final

Mads “Viggomopsen” Mikkelsen just won the Red Bull Soloq 1v1 Final. In the Bo7 grand final, Viggo bested Arnas “arnax” Stepanauskas and claimed the trophy as the 2021 1v1 champion. LoL Esports had the All-Star event cancelled last week, but there was plenty of entertainment for fans this past weekend. This is what happenned at the Red Bull Solo Q LoL 1v1 World Final.


Mads “Viggomopsen” Mikkelsen

The Red Bull Solo Q LoL 1v1 World Finals

The Red Bull Solo Q event is a unique format in the League of Legends circuit. The tournament first started off a while ago. However, over time it has morphed to become a consistent event. It is played in a 1v1 format. Amateur players competed to find the best duellist in each territory. The champions from each region have headed through to the event final.

While the players in this tournament not coming from the top LoL teams, the players in the competition have already competed against some great players for their chance at this time tournament. While this is a different skill set to normal League, it can make for some exciting plays.

The Solo Q LoL 1v1 World Finals took place over the past weekend, with teams first competing in four different groups, where they’re narrowed down to 16 players. From here, the Knockout stage whittled down the competition to just one player.  Matches had to be won in a slightly different way. You need to get first blood, get a 100-minion score, or destroy your opponent’s tower. This is a different way to play LoL, but it has been a fun part of the competitive atmosphere since its launch.

Solo Q LoL Final Players 

The Solo Q LoL event featured the winners from local tournaments with each nation given a player to face off. There will be 19 in total in competition in December. The UK representative for the competition dropped out before the event. These are the players that took part in the Solo Q LoL Final:

  • Mágico – Argentina
  • Doxa – Canada
  • Viggomopsen – Denmark
  • Godbro – Denmark
  • Hamboly – Egypt
  • Lingwi – France
  • TheRunelol – Germany
  • You Mert BRO – Greece
  • HKWarmboy – Hong Kong
  • Levanon Flamer – Kuwait
  • Arnax – Lithuania
  • Hikaru Nakamura – Romania
  • Shakara – Romania
  • NEC B0nd – Spain
  • Potatis – Sweeden
  • Arn0 – Switzerland
  • HULKSMASH3131 – Turkey
  • DarkWings – United States
  • Bradleyyy – United States

It was ultimately Viggomopsen and Arnax that made it into the Grand Final. For the final event coverage and their last match you can head over to the following VOD:

Some fine entertainment was provided for this event, courtesy of the LEC casters and crew. While a 1v1 is a bit unconventional for things like LoL betting, this event was great showcase for up-and-coming talent in the scene. Congratz Viggo.