Vikkstar’s Warzone Showdown returns with $150.000 in prize money

British YouTube sensation Vikkstar is once again hosting his Warzone Showdown event this year! After a raging success of the same last year where Team Tommey won the big Finals, 2021 will see another Warzone Showdown 2 happening.

Both content creators and other CoD community members will be competing this year, in two separate brackets. Not for nothing either – there will be a $150k prize pool split between the two brackets. Content creators will be able to win $20k, while the other community members will be able to win $5k per week. Once the community registration is done, 16 duos will be chosen from the registered groups at random – they’ll be the ones that will get to participate in the second bracket.

As for the grand final of the event – it’ll take place on June 15th, and it will see the finalists fighting for $50k. If you’re wondering about the high prices – well, the tournament is officially sponsored by CoD publisher Activision as well as tech brand LG. Last year’s event was one of the Twitch Rivals series instead, and quite a bit smaller than the 2021 version.

Vikkstar’s Warzone Showdown 2

Vikkstar’s history with Warzone

Obviously, the YouTube star already hosted a Warzone Showdown event last year – however, it’s not a perfect lovestory. In between then and this new tournament, Vikkstar actually announced that he would be quitting Warzone entirely because of the severe hacker issues the game continues to be plagued by. Obviously, the decision didn’t stick.  Vikkstar came back to the game just a few weeks later.

It’s still a powerful call to fix the underlying issue though – a lot of players’ experience is impacted by cheaters abusing the game. We reported back in January that cheating is holding Warzone esports back, and while the developers have taken some baby steps to fix this, overall, it still remains an issue. Even after banning more than 30k accounts March this year and 60k in February before that, players continue to experience problems with hackers in their games.

Event Overview

As for this event – it’s pretty unlikely the headlining star will quit partway through, so it’s a good bet this year’s event will be a huge hit again. You won’t have to wait long to find out – the Warzone Showdown 2 will start on May 17th. The Grand Final will be a month later, on June 15th. Would-be participants can sign up on the official website, provided they are old enough to do so.

You have to be 18 years of age to be able to enter the tournament, and naturally need to have an Activision game account in good standing. Be quick though – the community sign-ups will close before the event officially launches, so there are only a few days left!