Virtus.Pro set to make big waves this upcoming season

Esports powerhouse, has set up an solid talent lineup across multiple games for this upcoming season. After a strong showing throughout winter, the organization decided to double down and pursue even higher goals in 2021.

For our first team showcase this year, we look back at last season, and recent decisions that make VP your top esports betting choice this upcoming season.

Virtus.Pro 2020 achievments

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A real Virtus.Pro Winter

Mere months ago, was merely another CIS team at the verge of disbanding several rosters after lackluster performances and early eliminations.

No one, except die hard fans, had any expectation for VP, neither in Dota 2 nor CS:GO in the later stages of the season. Their invite to EPIC League has been highly questioned by Dota 2 players, and the CS:GO roster was heavily looked down upon before Flashpoint 2 kicked off.

However, VP had a major reveal up their sleeves. First up a complete revamp of their main roster in Dota 2, just shy of EPIC League starting up. The organization dropped the bomb on the social media, announcing the departure of their main roster, and took in their sister team’s (VP.Prodigy) line-up instead. The former roster of notable veterans Alexey “Solo” Berezin and Vladimir “No[o]ne” Minenko, just wasn’t finding any success with their new additions from seven months ago. In fact, the new additions that were initially recruited were Epileptick1d and Save-, which they deemed incompatible with the veterans.

In CS:GO the organization saw a mini-renaissance at IEM New York 2020, which in turn earned em considerations for Dreamhack Winter and a jump off point for their Flashpoint 2 run.

Finally, the Fortnite and R6 rosters have been quietly plowing along throughout the season, finishing among the top in most regional and EU based events.

VP Fortnite

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New Names, New Rosters

Coming into 2021, VP has acquired themselves a brand “new” PUBG roster. PCS 3 winners Northern Lights made the move into the VP fold just before the DH Winter Showdown kicked off. Based on their 2020 performance, they also have a pending invite to the upcoming PUBG Global Invitational.S 2021. The new signing puts VP directly into the favorites bracket for the entire event.

H1RUZEN1 will replace Perfect1ks at the event however, after Dima was unable to secure a visa to travel to Korea with the squad.

Meanwhile, the Dota 2 roster is having a little re-brand with epileptick1d and Illias changing their names to Nightfall and Kingslayer ahead of the DPC season.

The tides are turning

Coming into the new year, VP is also being helped by their competition when it comes to placements.

While found incredible success at the EPIC League in Dota 2, the tides have shifted for many other powerhouses. Team Secret, who was the long-standing eight-time champion just two months ago dropped out somewhat prematurely in the second round of the lower bracket. Coincidentally, team OG traditionally is a force to be reckoned with, yet VP seems to be their kryptonite when it comes to executing their tactics.

This means that VP should easily dominate both their regional scene and contest heavily in the EU playground in 2021.

When it comes to CS:GO, VP has a clear schedule in January, but a secure invite too IEM Katowice. Their play-ins opposition are a lot of the teams they bested this winter, opening an avenue to advance deep into the bracket this year. They also might get invited for the BLAST Premier Spring Groups as well, since the final spot is still up for grabs.

The PUBG roster while playing a substitute might easily dominate several lobbies at PGI.S, especially when matching the Northern Lights approach to play with their Korean and Chinese counterparts. This brings the potential esports impact of the organization to a three title prominence.

Overall, Virtus.Pro is set to have profitable spring across the board, and for those seeking a “horse” to bet on at the start of 2020, VP should be your go-to choice especially considering the odds they will be getting.

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