Vitality greatness test held this weekend – LEC Week 4 Predictions & Odds

Following a one-week break, the LEC will return with its Week 4 this Friday. Vitality is playing two of the most important matches in their Split in a single weekend. With Playoffs already on everyone’s mind, it’s now or never to start earning those wins.

Meanwhile, XL Esports continues to be at the top of the standings and with two easy matches on the schedule, they are seriously looking to be the number 1 going into the second round robin. Can Rogue or Fnatic chase XL?

Let’s find out.

LEC Week 4

LEC Week 4 – Vitality faces both Fnatic and Rogue

Coincidence or not, the Top 2 teams in the LEC Standings before Week 4, will face Vitality in the closing matches of Day 1 and Day 2. Let’s analyze all the three teams and see what we can expect.

Vitality vs Rogue – Friday 22:00 CET

Vitality come from a solid week 3, winning both of their games and closing the gap with the leaders. That being said, this weekend will be a hard test for them. Their match against Rogue might be one of the hardest ones, since they are extremely strong at punishing the early game. Vitality is the type of the team that struggles in the later stages of the game and while they have been fixing it, I doubt their macro has majorly improved during the break.

Expecting picks like Senna and Ahri on the priority list and then shifting towards the top lane. The Alphari and Odoamne matchup will be very interesting, and I’m expecting to see Vitality a counterpick for the British player. Aside from top lane, however, I think that Rogue has the better players in all the other roles. Perkz might be equal to Larssen on the day, but when it comes to mages, the Swedish mid is just better. Below you can find other good bets for this series:

  • Winner: Rogue (1.50x)
  • First Blood: Rogue (1.82x)
  • Total kills: over 22.5 (2.40x)
  • Map Duration: over 32 (1.95x)
  • Race to 5 kills: Rogue (1.68x)

Vitality vs Fnatic – Saturday 21:00 CET

Usually when we analyze two matches from the same team, it will be important to adjust our predictions based on how the team has performed in the first game. Nonetheless, Fnatic, similarly to Rogue, should be a little stronger based on current form. Their two recent performances have been great, and Fnatic have gone back to the weakside top and strongside mid-bot setup. Humanoid has been the main carry for the team so finally it’s not all on Upset’s hands.

I personally think that Fnatic will struggle a little bit more than Rogue as they don’t have a super clean early game, but they will excel during the later team fights. For this reason. i’m expecting a few more kills and a longer game. Just like above, you can find the most interesting and probable odds here:

  • First Blood: Vitality (1.94x)
  • Winner: Fnatic (1.52x)
  • Map Duration: over 32 (1.52x)
  • Total kills:  over 26.5 (2.00x)
  • Total turrets: over 12.5 (2.30x)

All of the odds in today’s section are courtesy of DuelBits Esports. We found the odds for this week’s LEC matches to be overwhelmingly higher than all other competitors, especially on the exotic markets we highlighted. Today is a good day to give them a try and go to DuelBits.