Will Vitality get their revenge on Fnatic? – LEC Week 5 Preview

LEC Spring 2022 is entering its second part of the split chucked full with Week 5 action! Now that all teams have played against each other once, the second round robin will begin soon. In this LEC Week 5 Preview, we will be looking at two of the most hyped matches for the week. Those interested in wagering can find our preferred LoL odds and markets selection as well.


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Before we get into our key match of the week, lets take a look at the battle for 2nd between MAD and G2.

Mad Lions vs G2 Esports

The battle for the top 2 in the LEC is getting really intense. As of right now, there are 5 teams within a victory of each other. And both G2 Esports and MAD Lions are in it.

G2 Esports has been the number 3 in the League for the whole split so far. In some way or the other, G2 is basically the gatekeeper to the top 2 of the LEC. They’ve performed quite well so far, but some of the weird adaptations to their draft have compromised their results. In fact, some of G2’s losses came from games in which G2 went for some of the less “common” picks and they didn’t work out.

MAD Lions, on the other hand, are still a little hard to frame. They are quite proactive during the early game, just like last season, but the Lions’ mid-game is a little problematic. It feels like if MAD Lions cannot get a good enough early lead, it becomes quite hard for them to close out the game.

Coming into this series, I think both teams are very similar in terms of the level of play. The main difference, however, will be felt in the mid game, where I think G2 can find a lot of openings. Depending on how much of a lead MAD created in the early game, G2 will have to spend more time trying to come back. With that being said, below are the best odds for this series:

  • Winner: G2 Esports (1.74x)
  • First Blood: MAD Lions (2.00x)
  • First Herald: MAD Lions (1.93x)
  • First Dragon: G2 Esports (2.07x)
  • Map Duration: Over 31.5 (1.86x)
  • First Tower: MAD Lions (2.29x)
  • Total kills: over 26.5 (1.90x)

Vitality vs Fnatic

Team Vitality have come back after the disastrous start to their LEC Spring Split. From dead last in the league, they are now tied with MAD Lions and Misfits Gaming. It seems like the organization has quickly fixed some of the issues the team had in the first week. The biggest thing worth noting about Vitality is that everyone on the team can become the carry for the team. This makes Vitality’s drafts extremely flexible, as long as they have a strong scaling element on the team, which is favored by the current meta.

Fnatic has been having a rough time in the last two weeks, losing 3 out of the 4 games played. Not only do they have huge mechanical miss plays and sub-optimal decision making, but Fnatic is also making blunders in draft. In the game against XL Esports, Fnatic deviated from their usual playstyle and failed to deliver. We’ll see if they will swap back to their original style. For that to happen, however, the players must be in peak form. Razork must show up in order to neutralize Selfmade: if he’s not performing, Fnatic might lose the series.

This match is quite hard to make a call on and the betting sites are giving similar odds for both teams. My advice is to wait and see how the draft goes before making any move. Based on recent form and momentum, however, I’m going to give this one to Vitality. Their last week’s performances have convinced me and I think that Vitality has a few more tools they can rely on coming into this series. Below you can find the best odds for this series:

  • Winner: Vitality (1.90x)
  • First Blood: Fnatic (1.86x)
  • First Dragon: Fnatic (2.11x)
  • First Herald: Vitality (1.87x)
  • Total Kills: Over 25.5 (1.72x)
  • Map Duration: over 32.5 (1.85x)
  • Total Dragons Slain: over 5.5 (3.52x)