Viva La Smash is Mexico’s brand new Smash Bros Major

Mexico City’s brand new Smash major is about to kick off this weekend with Viva La Smash. This tournament is bringing Melee and Ultimate action to Mexico with its inaugural tournament for both sides of Super Smash Bros. There’s going to be singles and doubles here, along with a great background and venue for the tournament. A brand new Major is always an exciting addition to the Smash Bros community. This is how it’s going to work: 

Viva La Smash 2022

Viva La Smash Smash Bros Major

Viva La Smash is a 2022 Major held for Smash Bros, part of the Smash World Tour. This is the first event of this series, but its being held by more experienced organisers, with Smash Factor involved.

The tournament is going to be held in Mexico City, Mexico, taking place over October 22-23rd. It’s a gold tier event coming towards the end of the competitive season. This is the last chance for players to grab some extra points and rise up the rankings. There is plenty of hype heading in. that’s helped in no small part by the prize pool at this event. Across all events, singles and doubles, the prize pool currently stands at just a little under $5,000 in total.

This is stretched out across a few different events. There’s Singles and Doubles for both Melee and Ultimate. The Ultimate singles is the most subscribed too here, with nearly 400 players competing. There’s a different crowd playing in Viva La Smash with some big names attending. Taking part alongside the Ludwig Invitational means we’ll get to see a different group playing in the end bracket here.

Viva La Smash Ultimate

The Ultimate side of the event is the biggest for Viva La Smash. It has the highest prize pool, and it is part of the Smash World Tour as a Gold Tier event. With platinum events largely finished up soon, these gold tiers are a last chance to grab a few more points. Since this is happening alongside an Ultimate major some of the bigger names like MKLeo are missing. However, it is a chance for some other players to grab a higher profile major win.

These are some of the big names that will be attending the Viva La Smash Ultimate tournament:

  • Big Boss
  • AlanDiss
  • Cloudy
  • Javi
  • Rox
  • Nair
  • Leaf
  • Mew2King
  • Nito


Similar to Ultimate, the Melee singles are also carrying some much-needed points for the SWT. While the prize pool is lower, there’s still some great players attending this event. Mew2king, Far!, Lengüitas, and SuperCuak are all going to be part of the tournament.

The Melee side of things has fewer participants, so pools might not be as long. However, the bracket is still sure to be some fun action. With a different pool of players to normal and recent upsets with Yoshi winning a major, there’s a real excitement for Melee right about now.

The Viva La Smash tournament looks set to be a fun outing. This is a brand new Major with a different vibe and a chance for some smaller players to take home a major win since this is running alongside another tournament.