Warcraft Gold League 2021 Summer Season Day 3 Favorites and Match Predictions

Warcraft Gold League 2021 (WGL 2021) Summer Season is the second most anticipated tournament in Warcraft’s Esports scene. While veterans enthusiastically build their barracks and conquer creep camps, let’s take a look at what WGL 2021 Summer Season has to offer.

WC3 Gold League 2021 Summer

Warcraft Gold League 2021 Summer Season Tournament Format and Players

This particular league is solely for individual players to showcase their skills. Needless to say, it’s fully exhilarating despite the seemingly fewer players. The WGL 2021 still spots a full-scale group stage and playoffs format.

Group Stage is divided into four groups of four players each. The participants play best-of-two round-robin matches, where a clean sweep rewards the winner with 3 points, while a draw awards 1 point for each player. The top two seeds from each group proceed to the playoffs, while others are eliminated after the group stage.

Speaking of participants, twelve players from China and Korea qualified via the NetEase qualifiers, which is Blizzard Entertainment’s Chinese partner.

The Chinese candidates include Xu “Fortitude” Yuxing, Zhao “Lin Guagua” Heng, Guo “eer0” Zixiang, Lai “Colorful” Yongyun, Chen “15sui” Xuanhao, and Ye “pcg_123” Xuanlong.

Whereas the Korean candidates are Jeong “Sok” Ho Wook, Moon “Chaemiko” Chae Young, Park “Lyn” Joon, Eom “FoCuS” Hyo Sub, Jang “Moon” Jae Ho, and Jo “LawLiet” Ju Yeon.

The participants are not limited to NetEase qualifiers but also renowned pros from the Western qualifier, such as Andriy “Foggy” Koren and Sergey “HawK” Shcherbakov. Lastly, the Wild Card winners are Jeon “Soin” Jin Hwan and Liu “Alice” Pengyang.

Warcraft Gold League 2021 Summer Season Favorites and Honorable Mentions

Although the WGL 2021 lacks the presence of Western rivals, Foggy might just be the only candidate we need to carry the Western fanbase. Foggy is, of course, no stranger in the Warcraft scene and often clash with other prominent figures.

This brings us to Moon, presumably Foggy’s arc nemesis or a very close gaming buddy. The two rivals have been at each other’s neck in multiple tournaments, albeit Moon often snatch the glory. Hence, Moon is clearly a massive favorite coming into the WGL 2021. Both players tend to enjoy playing as the Night Elves faction, which also happens to be the most popular.

On the other end of the popularity poll, eer0, a very established Chinese player, plays the Undead faction. Many players do not find the Undead too keen, whether it’s the eery aesthetics or the poor meta. Yet, eer0 found a niche in the many abilities and auras available as an Undead faction. When it comes to a league as grand as the WGL 2021, there’s always room for Warcraft Betting fun. After all, it’s approximately 30,000$ at stake for the players, a hefty amount, to say the least.

For upcoming matches we are looking at a potential 10-fold return on investment over at GG.BET. Here’s our predictions betslip.

Eer0 vs LawLietMap 1 - Winner LawLiet@ 1.79
Chaemiko vs HawKMap 1 - Winner Chaemiko@ 1.61
Foggy vs LawLietMap 1 - Winner Foggy@ 2.38
Fortitude vs AliceMap 1 - Winner Fortitude@ 1.57
ODDS x10.77

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