WardiTV Team Liquid Map Contest #8 – Players to Watch and Groups Breakdown

The TLMCT #8 will be running from February 2nd until February 8th, and it will feature 20 players to battle for the total prize pool of $4,000 USD.

While a lot of us are waiting for the IEM Katowice where we get to see some of the best Starcraft players play on one of the biggest stages, we still got one more event ahead of us, and even if it is an online event, it will undoubtedly be exciting.

ByuN sc2

ByuN – the eternal dark horse seeks to dominate Group B

WardiTV Team Liquid Map Contest #8

The tournament features a group stage round-robin format, which means that everyone in the group will play with each other twice. The matches are best of 3, and once all group matches are concluded, the tournament will move on to a single-elimination bracket.  When it comes to the map pool, there will be a total of 16 maps players could play on.

The groups have been divided as follows:

Group A

  • Spirit
  • DnS
  • Clem
  • Elazer
  • MaNa

Group B

  • Armani
  • Byun
  • GuMiho
  • NightMare
  • Ryung

Group C

  • Classic
  • SKillous
  • Solar
  • AqueroN
  • 5th player still to be decided

Group D

  • MaxPax
  • Prince
  • Rattata
  • uThermal
  • Zest

Players To Watch

The groups look pretty interesting, as each one features some of the players that have qualified for the IEM Katowice. The group with the most competition is group A, as Clem, Elazer, and Spirit are phenomenal players. On the other note, in group B, you want to watch Armani and Byun, while group D has MaxPax and Zest as stars of the show. Group C looks the least interesting, as Solar will probably dominate the group as a player who has the most experience.

Once the group stages are over, we suggest tuning in to all the matches for the mentioned players, and in case some of them happen to be unsuccessful in getting past the group stage, then make sure to watch the players that have bested them in groups instead.

We will do our standard Starcraft betting predictions once the Bracket Stage comes around. Check our Esports news section as soon as the Group Stage matches complete.

Where to watch?

Like with every Starcraft event, there are a couple of places where you can tune in and watch the matches with some commentary. Naturally, WardiTV, the host of the tournament, will be casting all matches in English, but you can catch other games on some other streams:

  • O’GamingTV will be streaming in the French language
  • TakeTV will be streaming in the German language
  • INu will be streaming in the Korean language
  • Indy will be streaming in the Polish language
  • 3DClanTV will be streaming in the Russian language

Even with language barriers, all of these casters are talented in hyping up epic moments during the matches. So if you see something crazy happen in a match, we suggest checking out streams other than your primary choice due to the reactions they could give.

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