Warzone 2.0 Map Glitch Suggests Plunder Could be Coming

Could Plunder be coming to Warzone 2.0? Recently, one player allegedly stumbled upon a map glitch in Warzone 2.0 that suggests the almost-forgotten game mode could be making a return to the Warzone platform. In a short clip published on YouTube, it seems that there are glitched icons on the map that prompt the player to ‘CALL IN A CASH DEPOSIT HELI’, which was one of the most fundamental features in Plunder.

At present, there are multiple modes available in Warzone 2.0, including battle royale, DMZ, and smaller multiplayer modes. There may be no room to add Plunder, especially considering how the mode was never exactly a fan favourite. However, it could be a quantity-over-quality discussion, and it could potentially be an effort to provide as many options as possible to the player. If this glitch is to be believed, we could be about to find out.

Will Plunder be in Warzone 2.0?

warzone 2 plunder

Image Credit: Activision

For a while, fans were asking whether Plunder would even make an appearance in Warzone 2.0. It was a staple of the first Warzone platform, put in place as a direct alternative to battle royale. It gave players the ability to drop into the map with a loadout and loot as much cash as they possibly could. If they were killed, they’d simply respawn and try again. It became a much more chilled-out mode than the intense, heart-pounding battle royale, and as such, it collected something of a following.

In August 2022, Plunder was removed from the Warzone platform, and now that Warzone 2.0 has launched, everyone has moved on. However, there’s the potential to re-introduce Plunder to the Warzone ecosystem, but is it even needed?

There’s an all-new game mode present in Warzone 2.0, and it’s called DMZ. Now, this is an ‘extraction shooter’, and it allows players to enter Al Mazrah, loot all kinds of items, including cash and weapons, fight enemies, complete tasks and contracts, and successfully leave again. That’s the most fundamental part of the extraction shooter – the goal is to stay alive and escape the map. However, one of the most fundamental aspects of DMZ is the collection of high-value loot (including money).

So, would it really make sense to introduce Plunder to Warzone 2.0 when there’s already a mode that involves racking up large sums of cash?

At present, there’s nothing to corroborate this glitch, and there’s certainly no sign of the information being confirmed by anyone at Activision, Raven, or Infinity Ward. It could just be an innocent glitch or could be a direct and as-of-yet-unseen indicator that Plunder is coming to the game.

Let’s wait and see how this develops. In the meantime, fans are preparing for the potential arrival of an all-new Rebirth Island map.

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