Ranked and Plunder Coming to Warzone in Season Three

It seems that the developers driving the Call of Duty ecosystem forward are eager to provide constant content streams at present. In the hours following the launch of Season Two, key information regarding Season Three was confirmed. On Twitter, Call of Duty UK revealed that when Season Three launches, it’ll introduce a Ranked Mode in Warzone 2.0, as well as return Plunder to the platform.

This will be the first Ranked Mode to drop in Warzone since the game was first released almost three years ago. It’s something that fans have been crying out for for years, offering up a more challenging, goal-driven experience in Warzone. For the most part, the game is getting stale, despite an all-new map being added in Season Two that sees the return of Resurgence. There are expectations that Ranked Mode could revitalise the platform somewhat.

But will it?

Warzone Ranked Mode Could Change the Game

warzone ranked play

Modern Warfare II’s Ranked Play has been a success. (Image Credit: Activision)

On the 15th of February, Modern Warfare II was updated with Ranked Play, a mode created to mimic the Call of Duty League. With a string of ranks for players to climb, exclusive skins to unlock, and bragging rights to secure, Ranked Play was an instant hit with fans and critics alike. It offers a truly competitive experience away from what’s referred to as ‘public multiplayer’, which anybody can play with relative ease.

Now, at the moment, there’s no information available to explain what a Warzone Ranked Mode could look like, but there are expectations that it’ll mirror what already exists with Modern Warfare II. In 2019, in Season Two of Apex Legends, Ranked was added, and it has been a roaring success ever since. In fact, it has led some to question why Activision (and associated development studios) have left it so long before adding Warzone’s Ranked Mode.

There’ll now be a driving reason for the best Warzone players in the world to grind on the platform. They’ll be able to climb the ranks, prove their worth, and potentially unlock exclusive content. At present, Warzone 2.0 is far from being the best battle royale game in the industry, but there’s a solid foundation there that developers attached to the project seem to be building on.

It’ll be several weeks before any further information is confirmed regarding Warzone’s Ranked Mode. As Season Two has just begun, it’ll be around two months before Season Three even starts to emerge, so be sure to stay tuned for any further updates as they drop or leak. And before we forget – Plunder will also make a reappearance in Season Three… If that’s your kind of thing!