Warzone vs Warzone 2.0 Changes | What’s New in Warzone 2.0?

Warzone 2.0 launched on the 16th of November, bringing along with it a whole host of brand-new features and mechanics. It’s such a far leap forwards from the first Warzone title that it proved to be disorienting for the biggest Warzone fans, but is that a good thing? Today, we’re taking a look at the Warzone vs Warzone 2.0 debate, figuring out what’s new between the two platforms and whether or not all this change is a good thing.

Do you think all the changes made make sense, or are there some updates that you have problems with?

What’s the Main Difference Between Warzone vs Warzone 2.0?

warzone vs warzone 2 map

It’s easy to see that the map is the biggest change in Warzone 2.0

Well, the main difference is that it’s a totally new game. That might sound obvious, but it’s certainly true – Warzone 2.0 feels like a totally different game from the ground up, and the only real similarity is that it’s a Call of Duty game. From the most minor changes, such as the graphics and user interface, to the most major changes, like the map and the in-game engine, this is a totally new game.

It isn’t just an expansion, and it isn’t a follow-on like Call of Duty Warzone Caldera was, it’s a completely new and original game. As it’s built off the back of Modern Warfare II, it uses a refreshed engine, which has impacted movement, weapon recoil, the weapons themselves, vehicle handling, and so much more. For the most part, it’s an upgrade in every way, but since the game launched, it has been somewhat unstable, prompting even the best Warzone players to cry out against the platform.

While Warzone 2.0 is the main thing right now, Warzone 1 hasn’t shut down – so if you want, you can go back and compare the two of them. Then, you’ll be able to make your own contribution to the Warzone vs Warzone 2.0 debate.

Is Warzone 2.0 Worthwhile?

warzone differences

As this screenshot shows, even the UI is dramatically different in Warzone 2.0

It’s worth pointing out that, as per the operating model, Warzone 2.0 is totally free-to-play. Therefore, asking if it’s worthwhile isn’t really relevant, as it costs absolutely nothing to get involved. If you liked the first Warzone game, then you’ll probably like Warzone 2.0, but bear in mind it’ll take a little time to get used to all the changes. One of the biggest things that you’ll need to work hard to adapt to is the all-new map, Al Mazrah.

This is a sprawling, diverse map, and even a month after launch, every player is still arguing over the best locations to land in the battle royale mode. Furthermore, there’s a brand-new game mode called DMZ, which also takes place in Al Mazrah and utilises the same engine, but is a totally different experience to the traditional battle royale mode.

And, of course, there were so many new things added to Warzone 2.0 to boost the content available, making it even more worthwhile. For instance, players can now launch nukes in Warzone 2.0, take on an intense array of contracts, loot ‘strongholds’, and play in ways that they ultimately never thought possible.

Why don’t you download Warzone 2.0 for free today and find out for yourself what’s new?