Wawa Sweeps Dragon Ball FighterZ World Championship 2022 Final

The Dragon Ball FighterZ World Championship 2022 tournament concluded it’s world finals bracket this past weekend.This was the biggest event for FighterZ ahead of its upcoming appearance at EVO 2022.

While there was plenty of top talent on display, one player pulled off a miraculous performance across the finals. Wawa swept the entire finals, not dropping a single character across his run. These kinds of performances are rare across fighting games as a whole. For a player to utterly dominate the finals to this degree, it’s something special. He didn’t have an easy run either, quite a few players put up great fights over the weekend.

Wawa is likely the best DBZF player around now.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ World Championship 2022 Final Recap

This month saw the big return for the FighterZ World Championship, coming back for a 2021-2022 season final. It took place in France bringing the top players in the game together. This was the first World Championship final since the 2019-2020 season, and the meta has changed quite a bit in that time.

The tournament was initially played with four groups of four in a round robin competition. From here, only the top two players advanced through to the final bracket. The final bracket was double elimination. Wawa went in as a favorite, but his performance was still surprising across the FighterZ World Championship 2022 final.

Wawa Sweeps Dragon Ball FighterZ World Championship 2022 Final Bracket

The Final Bracket for the Dragon Ball FighterZ kicked off for Wawa with the semi-finals. The player entered at this higher stage, going up against Nitro. This was the start of his perfect run, taking the match 3-0. The other side of the semi-finals was a bit closer, with Fenritti facing HookGangGod. The match was closer, but it was Fenritti who ultimately went through that round.

The Winners’ final was the next match-up for Wawa when he once again repeated a 3-0 win, not losing a character. Here it really was becoming clear that Wawa was doing something special. Clean wins like this aren’t too uncommon, but to push through matches against some of the top players currently active, that is impressive.

Nitro’s drop into the losers’ bracket was the start of a longer run for the plyer. Dropping down in the semi, he had to fight through three more matches to make it through the losers’ final. He took Ikoan 3-1, then Yasha 3-2. Eventually, he came up against Fenritti in the Losers’ Final, but fairly confidently managed to get through at 3-1.

Going into the grand final, both players were facing a rematch of their first game in the semis. This match had a lot of hype heading in. Wawa’s run put him ahead as the favorite, but Nitro didn’t just roll over.

Is Wawa the Best FighterZ Player?

This clean run of the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Championship 2022 Final probably puts Wawa out as the best player in the world. At least, out of those currently active, he’s head and shoulders above the competition. This is more confirmation of that achievement than a new change for him though.

Wawa has been on the top of the active DBZF community for a while now. The player has only gotten stronger recently. He’s even managed to improve other characters after balancing changes to Android 21 (Lab Coat).  The player’s recent addition of Adult Gohan to his character seems to have perfected his picks.

This is Wawa’s fourth major win for this year. If you’re looking at FighterZ, then Wawa is definitely the player to beat at the moment.