World Cyber Games (WCG) returns with a Clash Royale Invitational

The World Cyber Gamers (WCG), often dubbed the Olympics of esports, is back after a short hiatus. And with it, Clash Royale is re-entering the competition. It will be one of the first games to be showcased in the next edition of the WCG.

World Cyber Games 2023

Everything you need to know about the WCG Rivals – Clash Royale

The WCG Rivals is a Clash Royale invitational tournament with teams from Korea and Japan competing for a share of the $20,000 prize pool. The tournament will begin on Dec. 17 at 9 AM UTC.

The Korean and Japanese teams in the tournament are as follows:

WCG Rivals Clash Royale Korean Teams
WCG Rivals Clash Royale Japanese Teams
It will be broadcasted in Korean, Japanese, and English on Twitch and YouTube.

WCG 2023 to feature VALORANT, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Clash Royale and Hearthstone

The 2023 edition of the World Cyber Games has been launched with big changes to its format. A separate website for the tournament has been launched outlining four games for open tournaments and other special events. These open tournaments will happen from January to April 2023 and will lead to the open qualifiers in May 2023. From here, the top team will advance to the Group Stage in June. Lastly, the best of the best will make it to the Grand Final.

The WCG 2023 Grand Final, which will take place in July will be a LAN event. The venue for the finals, however, hasn’t been revealed yet.

In addition to the main roadmap, the 2023 edition of the tournament will also feature the WCG Rivals. These will be invitational tournaments with the top players and teams. The WCG Rivals for Clash Royale is the first tournament in this series.

WCG 2023

WCG has a long history

The WCG has an interesting history, and is one of the longest-running esports tournaments with its first edition happening back in 2000. It happens yearly and features multiple esports titles.

The esports event has been happening continuously for 13 years since its inception in 2000 but was shut down in 2014 with partners of the event saying that it was “impossible to work” with the organizers.

The tournament’s shutting down marked the end of an era for esports tournaments, but the WCG wasn’t done for just yet. In March 2017, the WCG trademark was transferred to Korean publisher Smilegate and the tournament returned in 2019 with a prize pool of more than $600,000 and six games, one of which was Clash Royale. It took place in Xi’an, China.

However, plans to re-develop the Olympics of esports were disrupted when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The WCG 2020 was played online, albeit as a smaller event with about $285,000 on the line across four games. Then in 2021 and 2022, no WCG was held with many in the esports fraternity assuming another death for the competition.

It seems that a revival is coming, as WCG 2023 tries to reclaim past glory.