WePlay Academy League Day 1 Match Odds & Predictions

The upcoming days are filled with interesting CSGO matches to bet on. There are a lot of academy teams playing, and this is a perfect chance for us all to make money. We already talked about the WePlay Academy League, now its time to make good on our predictions.

Below, find the safest picks and our analysis that you do not want to miss out on.


Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov and Yana Oychenko at NAVI Bootcamp 2021

VP. Prodigy vs Young Ninjas

In group A of WePlay’s Academy League Season 1, we are seeing a well-established roster competing against a recently formed VP. Prodigy roster. In this best of 1 match, we believe that one team has a huge advantage and that they should capitalize on that relatively easily.

Out of the last 4 matches played, Young Ninjas won 2 and lost 2. Despite losing two straight, there is no shame in that as they were defeated by forZe and Fiend, two solid teams. On the other hand, VP. Prodigy did not show much as they only have one victory in the last 4 games.

When we talk about map pool, we can’t go on without saying how big of an advantage Young Ninjas have in this match. The only map VP. Prodigy is decent on is Dust 2, and there is no way Young Ninjas are not banning this one. This will leave them with a stacked map pool and a comfortable pick.

To summarize. Young Ninjas have been playing for a while now while VP. Prodigy is still a new roster. It is obvious to spot that Prodigy is still adjusting while Young Ninjas have already played against some of the top teams from their division. Last but not least, map pool is heavily favoring Young Ninjas here and they should win this match easily.

Prediction: Under 26.5 Total Rounds
Odds: 1.71

Astralis Talent vs FURIA Academy

We found a freebie in this match. The best part about it, the odds are insane. Let’s get straight into it. As of now, Astralis Talent was not able to beat anyone in the last 8 matches. Contrary to that, FURIA Academy is sitting on 2 wins in the last 4 played.

Map pool for this match should be straightforward. Due to the fact that this is a best of 1 match, We believe that Overpass is the map both teams are interested in playing here. Out of 4 times, FURIA Academy played this map, they won 3 teams, unlike Astralis Talent who won it two out of 5 times played.

There is not much more to say about Astralis Talent. This is a poor roster that does not offer much. On the other hand, FURIA Academy showed that they can compete. Current odds on FURIA Academy are ridiculous and this is a steal.

Prediction: FURIA Academy to win
Odds: 2.25

Mouz NXT vs fnatic Rising

The only team that stands out in the Academy League is mouz NXT. They have been around for a while now and it looks like their skill is through the roof. On the other hand, fnatic Rising did not even announce their roster just yet which makes one bet obvious.

Mouz NXT has already beaten decent teams such as Entropiq, Lyngby Vikings and Young Ninjas. Literally, everything is siding with mouz NXT in this one and we do not see a chance that they lose this match. Once again the CSGO Odds tell us to go for a total round selection.

Prediction: Under 26.5 Total Rounds
Odds: 1.72

BIG Academy vs NAVI Junior

Finally, we have a match between two academy teams that are very hard to place in terms of relative strength. BIG Academy is in no shape to be considered a favorite in any match during this event. As a team they have hardly won any matches or given any convincing results over the past months.

NAVI Junior on the other hand, is a sterioded version of their main roster in terms of inconsistency. Their performance varies between matches, maps and even rounds to such an extent that they are quite unreliable when it comes to CSGO betting. My guess is this match goes beyond 26 total rounds.

Prediction: Over 25.5 Total Rounds
Odds: 1.83

VP. Prodigy vs Young NinjasUnder 26.5 Total Rounds@ 1.71
Astralis Talent vs FURIA AcademyURIA Academy to win@ 2.25
Mouz NXT vs fnatic RisingUnder 26.5 Total Rounds@ 1.72
BIG Academy vs NAVI JuniorOver 25.5 Total Rounds@ 1.83

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