WePlay Academy League Week 2 Match Predictions with Buff.bet

With most of the popular CSGO tournaments concluded, it is time to move to the “not-so-popular” events and leagues, while the top teams rest and recuperate ahead of the second part of the season. For this round of CSGO predictions, we are once against turning towards the WePlay Academy League as there are some interesting matches to bet on.

Today’s selection of matches features odds from one of our select esports bookmakers. Let’s get straight into it.

WePlay Academy League

BIG Academy vs Astralis Talent

Given the fact that 7 rounds of the Academy League have already been played, it is safe to say that we know how these teams breathe and how good they actually are. From our perspective, there is a huge gap between BIG Academy and Astralis Talent. In the last four matches played, both teams have two wins and two losses, and to be honest, either match for both teams could have gone sideways or the other way.

While on paper they came out with a similar score at the end of the week, BIG.A by far exceeds expectations and executes more consistently. Therefore, it is a straightforward pick that does not need a lot of thinking. It is also important to mention that one betting site, in particular, is offering excellent CSGO odds on this match.

Pick: BIG Academy to win
Odds: 1.44

mouz NXT vs FURIA Academy

As we said in the first part of our Academy League predictions, we firmly believe that mouz NXT is the strongest team here and they must prove it against FURIA Academy this time around. Somehow, FURIA was able to snatch the victory in their first match, making the rematch all the more interesting.

mouz NXT is sitting on 4 victories out of the last 6 matches played. FURIA.A on the other hand has lost the last four back to back and are performing poorly.

Pick: mouz NXT to win
Odds: 1.39

Young Ninjas vs NAVI Junior

This is going to be a very interesting match to watch as both teams are in a slump right now, and both are roughly equal in the standings. Both teams are flip-floppy in their behavior, and performance on the day will determine who gets out ahead.

NAVI Junior, looked awful against Astralis Talent and mouz NXT in week one, but somewhat equalized at the tail end of the week. The Ninjas held their own for the most part, but still managed to lose against NaVi.J in the opening round. I expect the rematch to go the distance in terms of rounds once again. Their first match went over 26 rounds and we expect this one to be similar.

Pick: Total Rounds Played 26.5 – Over
Odds: 1.86

VP. Prodigy vs Fnatic Rising

Let’s wrap things up with another straightforward and easy prediction. Fnatic Rising are the closest contender to mouz NXT at this event, and have performed admirably thus far. Going into this match they are looking to keep the race for 1st neck and neck.

On the other hand, VP. Prodigy are performing average at best, and don’t look like they can close out matches. This is why they are at the dead bottom of the group and it seems like they are going to stay there. It’s pointless to talk about the current form or even bring map pool into all of this. You can freely consider this bet as an odds booster for your accumulators and nothing else besides that.

Pick: Fnatic Rising to win
Odds: 1.42

You are looking at a potential x5.29 return on investment for a four-way selection over at Buff.bet. Not a bad haul, for an offseason betting slip.

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