Where can Rekkles join in 2022? – Recap of all potential candidates

Following his disappointing year with G2 this year, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson will be leaving the team and looking for a new one in 2022. With his contract ending in November 2023, the organization is in the process of selling his contract, and seeking to rebuild the roster. But, where can Rekkles be traded to?

Lets go over the possible options Rekkles has for 2022, and the most likely scenarios.

Where can Rekkles join in 2022?

Rekkles and G2’s run in 2021

The Swedish ADC was picked up from Fnatic at the end of 2020, following his semifinals finish at Worlds. After so many years in the professional scene, Rekkles was eager to win Worlds… and he saw G2 as the best chance to reach that goal. A team full of superstars was the foundation of success. G2’s performance in 2020 proved that Perkz wasn’t going to work in the long run, due to his lack of mastery in certain metas. By replacing him with arguably the best ADC in the LEC, G2 had every tool to fight for the top.

That, obviously, did not work. Rekkles was still an extremely consistent player, but his passive playstyle did not mesh well with G2’s aggression. Not only that but the ups and downs of all the players caused various issues in performance: G2 was not the best team in EU anymore. The tipping point, though, was their LEC Summer Split. G2 failed to qualify for Worlds after losing to Fnatic. (weird destiny)

Starting with the goal of aiming for the title at Worlds, it is obvious that G2’s year was a failure. Fans have been wondering what changes would G2 make in order to come back stronger, and among those changes was Rekkles’ departure. While there were rumours popping up, no one was sure it would really happen, especially from an economical point of view.

Then, Carlos made a public announcement on Twitter, stating that Rekkles, alongside Mikyx and Wunder, will not be part of G2 in 2022.

What are Rekkles’ options?

Rekkles will now have the off-season to look for a new team. There are many options and teams ready to pick him up, but everything will depend on the player’s goals for next year. There are essentially three likely scenarios for Rekkles: let’s take a look at all of them.

Rekkles stays in EU

Rekkles’ safest and easiest way of finding a new team would be to play for a new team in the LEC. Thanks to his personal branding and charisma, the orgs will surely be interested in him. The problem is that the inverse might not be the same. Rekkles is still hungry to win and wants that Worlds trophy. He needs a strong team, but the other top teams in the LEC don’t seem interested or they have their roster already locked in.

Both his former organizations (G2, FNC), are quite confident in not having him on the team. This leaves Rekkles without good options, except maybe Vitality. The “bees” are rumored to be pursuing a super team with Perkz, Alphari and Carrzy as potential candidates. With that said, even if Rekkles finds his way on this team, there might be the same problem of playstyle incompatibility.

Rekkles goes to NA

Rekkles’ second option is to join the LCS and go to North America. While it would make sure Rekkles will earn enough money for a potential retirement, this might be the worst choice from a competitive point of view. Yes, Cloud9 qualified for the quarterfinals at Worlds, but the general idea about NA teams is that they still lack something. I doubt Rekkles can help LCS teams make the jump they need considering his safe playstyle.

Yet, the likelihood of him going to the LCS is high. Eight different LCS teams are potentially looking to change up their ADCs next season, and considering neither G2, Fnatic nor Vitality would pick him up for their super teams in Europe, he is likely getting the most offers here.

Rekkles Farming

Rumor: Rekkles still farming for late game

Rekkles goes to the LPL

While it might be a little surprising, going to the LPL could actually be the best decision possible. Rekkles has always said he would like to go to the LPL one day, and there is a perfect opportunity coming up. Ninjas in Pyjamas recently acquired a slot in the LPL, previously held by Victory Five. Putting Rekkles in the team would be a great idea from all points of view.

First, he would get traction for the organization, both in China as well as overseas. Rekkles is a fan favorite over in China, and having him on the roster would boost viewer counts and merch sales. Additionally, a refresh to his style and playing a different region for a season may help him get back his groove and more aggressive playstyle.

Furthermore, western players will also want to watch his games, thus increasing LPL’s views overall. Lastly, Rekkles would have a chance to play with some of the best Chinese talents and a higher chance of making strong results at Worlds. If NIP is actually able to put a strong roster together, then there’s a very high chance of this move going through.

NiP have been busy name dropping Rekkles on every occasion they can.

So, where do you think Rekkles will go? Will going to China be beneficial for Rekkles, considering the language barrier? We will have to wait a little more to find out.